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    Roy Koopa

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    Roy Koopa is a general powerhouse and the third oldest son of Bowser.

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    Roy is one of seven Koopalings, as well as the third oldest of Bowser's offspring. He can be recognized by his signature hot pink sunglasses. Roy is the strongest and heaviest of the Koopalings. Contrary to what one would expect from his brute demeanour, he has fully embraced the color pink. In fact, he was the only Koopaling (except for Wendy) to wear a pink shell. In later games, however, the color of the shell was changed to purple. Like his father, he has clashed with the Mario Bros. on several occasions. Roy is named after musician Roy Orbison.


    Super Mario Bros. 3

    Roy Koopa
    Roy Koopa

    Roy made his first appearance in Super Mario Bros. 3, where he, along with rest of the Koopalings, tried to conquer the Mushroom World. Roy was put in charge of Sky Land, which he usurped by stealing the king's wand and transforming him into a bird. Everything went just fine until Mario showed up. Roy fought fiercely, but in the end Mario emerged victorious.

    Super Mario World

    Aching to prove himself, Roy got a second chance when the Koopalings and Bowser launched an assault upon Dinosaur Island. Mario fought his way through the Forest of Illusion and the two did battle once again. Roy was better prepared this time, having gained the ability to walk on walls and the ceiling, trying to crush Mario under his own bodyweight. Nevertheless, he lost, and Mario went on his merry way in his quest to save the princess.

    Yoshi's Safari

    Roy is the boss of Float Castle I. He battles Mario and Yoshi in his special hot-air balloon equipped with six large cannons.

    Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga

    Roy and the rest of the Koopalings did not play a major part in Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga. However, this is the game that reintroduced the Koopalings to the Mario franchise. Roy appeared at the end of the game where he fought against the Mario brothers, falsely believing Bowletta to be his father. Despite his rampant use of fireballs and ground pounds, as well as being aided by a Time Bob-omb in the battle, he proved no match against the brothers.

    New Super Mario Bros. Wii

    Roy appeared in New Super Mario Bros. Wii, where he and the rest of the koopalings crashed Princess Peach's birthday party. The koopalings ended up kidnapping the poor princess (again) and thus Mario, along with several birthday attendants, gave chase. Roy tried to slow his pursuers down by seeking refuge in World 2, a desert wasteland with deadly quicksand and spiky creatures.

    Roy facing off against the Mario Brothers.
    Roy facing off against the Mario Brothers.

    The first fight against Roy took place on a platform above a heap with quicksand.

    Roy would jump and pound the ground, which could stun Mario & Co. if they weren't careful. Occasionally, he would use his wand to cast magic at his enemies. Despite his best efforts, he could easily be defeated by three headstomps or a couple of fireballs. Upon realizing his defeat, he fled the fortress and high-tailed to his castle.

    In the second fight, Kamek appeared briefly in order to aid Roy. Kamek's magic caused five warp pipes to protude from the ceiling. Roy took advantage of the pipes, but had to see himself beaten by his archenemies in the end.


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