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    A rocket propelled grenade launcher. This weapon's main strength is its shaped charge warhead. It can penetrate up to 19 inches of armor if the warhead is in good condition.

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    Specifications :
    Caliber / ammo : 40 mm launcher - 40, 70 & 105 mm propelled grenades
    Weapon length : 650 mm
    Weight: 6.3 kg empty
    Effective range : Related to the type of grenade
    The RPG-7 , or rocket propelled grenade launcher system (In Russian :  РПГ-7 / реактивный противотанковый гранатомет 7) that was designed in the Soviet Union in 1961. It is basically a long tube that fires a shaped charge warhead to punch through armor. A shaped charge is an explosive that is shaped in a way ( usually a cone ) that the resulting explosion will create a molten hot dart that will punch through thick metal. This system combined with the assistance of  a rocket motor makes the RPG-7 one of the biggest threats to a tank on the battlefield. Its so effective it can still take out even the most modern tanks including the M1 Abrams tank.

    In Action
    In Action
    Just like the AK-47 , this weapon was mass produced in the Soviet Union during the cold war. The Soviets used this weapon as a incentive to support communism and would give as many away as possible to support developing countries that were communist allies and needed weapons. The downside to this is the fact that there are now so many RPG-7's that it is available to almost anyone who has the money to purchase one from a black market. The weapon is also very reliable and can be kept in storage for a long time making trading this weapon very easy.

    The warhead it fires can fly at a speed of 115 meters per second and it will detonate itself after 930 meters of flight. This makes it incredibly effective in urban warfare where the user can fire it , drop the tube , and continue fighting or flee. 
    The RPG-7 can use 5 types of grenades :
    - 3 anti-armor grenades :  the PG7V, the PG7VL & the PG7VR
    - 2 anti-personnel grenades :  the TBG7V & the OG7V

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