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    RPG Maker XP

    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released Jul 22, 2004

    A game that allows you to create JRPGs.

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    RPG Maker XP is the third installment in the RPG Maker series. It is a PC game that allows you to make games like classic JRPGs. RPG Maker XP allows you to import custom sprites, tilesets, music, battle portraits, images, sound effects, etc, but you can make an entire game using the included resources. 
    Like other installments in the RPG Maker series, creating a game using the provided tools requires no programming experience. Game logic is built on an events system which allows amateur game creators to place objects into the world and to set conditions and rules for them to cause them to act in certain ways. The event layer of the editor, which is displayed over top of three graphics layers, is the visual representation of this in the game world. Using this system, it is possible to create NPCs, wandering enemies, items, and a huge variety of other entities. The system is also used to trigger visual and audio effects, and to move the player from one region of the game to another. 
    Included in the game is a wide variety of resources, from world tile sets to sprites to music and sound effects. The graphics included are all in a fantasy style, though of course this does not limit the kinds of games that may be created.

     For those who wish to delve deeper into the possibilities of the editor, or are feeling restricted by the event-based scripting system, support exists within the program for the use of the Ruby programming language. The Ruby Game Scripting System allows for more flexibility overall.    


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