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What happens when you combine the story and questing components of an RPG game with the settlement management features of a tycoon game? Well… you get RPG Tycoon of course! Skatanic Studios and published by GSProductions attempts to take familiar aspects from both genres of game and combine them into an entertaining package that can be enjoyed by multiple ages of gamers.

Players must strategize to ensure they generate enough money to keep their kingdom functioning while working to progress the skills and personalities of their local heroes. In the beginning they have only a single plot of land and the choice of multiple heroes that can be sent on quests to increase the overall fame of their kingdom. Increasing the popularity of your settlement helps attract new settlers from surrounding towns and encourages them to empty their little pixelated coin purses in your shops and services.

Players best not rest for a second, competition is fierce in the RPG Tycoon world. Other kingdom leaders are working to increase the fame and size of their settlements, and only one kingdom can hold the coveted title of, “Greatest Kingdom in all the Land!”

RPG Tycoon uses basic XML and sprite sheets for the majority of data elements within the gaming. Allowing most individuals with moderate experience to add additional elements or modify current ones. This ease of expandability should foster a relatively robust mod community.

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