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    Rtas 'Vadum

    Character » appears in 3 games

    Known as "Half-Jaw" before his real name was revealed. Rtas 'Vadum was once a Spec Ops commander who fought alongside The Arbiter in Halo 2.

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    Rtas 'Vadum is an Elite and was a special Operations Commander of the Covenant before the Covenant Civil War (The Great Schism) that began in Halo 2. Rtas 'Vadum is now the Ship Master of the Assault Carrier Shadow of Intent. His fan dubbed nickname "Half-Jaw" is a result of a fight with his Flood infected sub-commander Kusovai on the Agricultural Support Ship Infinate Succor where he lost his left mandibles (see Halo Graphic novel). He, along with the Arbiter, are the only Elites in Halo 3 to be heard calling the Master Chief "Spartan". Previously the Elite and the rest of the Covenant armada referred to the Master Chief as the Demon due to his reputation of slaying hundreds of Covenant soldiers and never falling in combat. He is voiced by Robert Davi.

    Physical Description

    Height: 8'6 Crouches 7'6 in Halo 3

    Species: Sangheili

    Eye Color: Greenish Orange

    Home world: Sanghelios

    Rank: Shipmaster of the Shadow of Intent, Ex-Fleet Master of the Fleet of Retribution.


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