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    Rubi Malone

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    Rubi Malone is the protagonist of Bethesda's WET. She is a reckless mercenary and bounty hunter.

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    Rubi Malone lives in a hideout she refers to as Barnyard, located somewhere in Texas. She's a gun for hire, who enjoys money and drinking, and as it transpires carries a certain amount of care for her friends. She hates flying and people who try to exploit or kill her. She vows to kill those that anger her in the most painful and inhumane way she can come up with at that moment. She carries a katana and a pair of modified revolvers with her at all times, but she is also well versed in using shotguns, SMGs and crossbows. Rubi has a large tattoo on one arm, and is voiced by Eliza Dushku. It has also been announced that Dushku will voice her in WET 2.


    In WET Rubi is hired to attack a gang and retrieve a briefcase in their possession. She discovers that the briefcase contains a heart which the powerful  businessman William Ackers needs to live. She successfully delivers the heart but is approached a year later by a man claiming to be Ackers who tasks her with travelling to Hong Kong to retrieve his son who has becoming involved with gang culture. Rubi's associate Ming informs her that Acker's son has become part of drug ring and she manages to kidnap Acker's son, delivering him to London. However, the man who Rubi believed to be William Ackers is revealed to be an imposter.
    The imposter's men kill Acker's son, and try to kill Rubi. Rubi's associate Milo nurses her back to health and Rubi begins her quest to hunt down and kill the men who tried to assassinate her. She takes a job from a woman named Kafka who helps her track Acker's imposter, a man named Rupert Pelham, in exchange for carrying out a theft of a book being shipped to The British Museum. After travelling to Hong Kong and returning to London she is captured by Sorrell, a man employed by Pelham, who tortures and interrogates her. Rubi manages to escape, forces Sorrell to tell her that Pelham's men plan to assassinate Ackers that night, and kills Sorrell.
    Rubi arrives at Acker's mansion in time to save him and kills Pelham's bodyguard Tarantula, as well as Pelham himself. Ackers tells Rubi that he blames her for the death of his son, however as Rubi saved him he spares her life and pays her for the job.

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