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    Ruby Heart

    Character » appears in 3 games

    Ruby Heart is a mysterious pirate lady who was created from scratch for the game Marvel vs. Capcom 2. Since then Ruby has only appeared in two other games in which she was playable as a card.

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    A mysterious french pirate captain, Ruby Heart prefers heroic actions and generally sides with the "good guys" in contrast to many others in her profession. Ruby sails with her crew in a large flying ship that is specifically designed to aid her in combat as well. Outside her ship Ruby is an experienced hand-to-hand fighter, but often employs weapons such as her signature anchor and sabres, or tricks like a haunted chest with a hostile ghost within.

    When something begins to kill off life on Earth, Ruby Heart and her crew begin to investigate it- linking the destruction with the evil Abyss, the ancient Armor of Erosion. Unable to defeat Abyss alone, Heart assembles all the strongest heroes from the Marvel Universe, such as Spider-Man, Wolverine and Captain America, and from the Capcom Universe, such as Ryu, Mega-Man and Jill Valentine. The assembled army of heroes track down Abyss and discover its power source- a black sphere in its center. After Abyss' defeat at the hands of the heroes, the sphere was cracked and drained of power. Once hoping to sell it for a profit, Ruby stared into the destroyed orb. Dismayed at its current worthlessness, she casts it into the sea.


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