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    Ruby is a genie. She is the 4th party member to join the team in Dark Cloud. She uses her seductive charms to complete her objectives.

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    Ruby is a genie fresh out of a magic lamp. Ruby attacks with a variety of magic rings.

    Dark Cloud Manual

    Ruby is the King's wife, and King, his men, and Jack are afraid of Ruby.



    Ruby joins the party in Queens upon completion of King's house in Queens.

    Ruby joins Toan
    Ruby joins Toan

    Upon restoring King's mansion in the village Queens, Toan is gifted an Arabian lamp. Surprised by the gift so casually tossed to him, Toan drops the lamp releasing Ruby. Ruby, a seductive genie, hears about the villainous work being done by the Dark Genie and complies with Toan's ultimate goal.


    Ruby is a ranged combatant, her weapon's tend to have good endurance except that it deteriorates faster with every charged attacks she uses. Ruby's attacks are stronger than Xiao, but she is slower than Xiao.

    Special Ability: Ruby can aim at colored gems, and with the right elemental attribute, she can unlock doors in dungeons.

    Ruby's charged attack: It's a stronger, larger energy blast that goes farther than her regular attacks.

    Special Items

    Favorite Food: Witch Parfait - Raises Ruby's Defense.


    These weapons can evolve except for the default weapon. All weapons can be found in large treasure chests, and some are given.

    • Gold Ring - A default weapon that has a default attribute of fire.
    • Platinum Ring - If Ruby is in Toan's party, it can be obtained free from Jack. It can be bought at Jack's shop in Queens at 600 gold.
    • Thorn Armlet - It has all the elemental attributes on it when character first obtained it.
    • Pocklekul -
    • Bandit's Ring - It has the steal ability.
    • Fairy Ring - It can be obtained when the player exchanged 1,300 Fishing Points.
    • Destruction Ring
    • Crystal Ring
    • Goddess Ring
    • Satan's Ring
    • Athena's Armlet

    Ultimate Weapon

    There weapons are in their final evolved state.

    • Secret Armlet
    • Mobius Ring

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