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    Ruca Milda

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    The main character of Tales of Innocence.

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    Ruca Milda (known as Luca in the fan-translation) is the protagonist of Tales of Innocence and the first character the player encounters in the modern era of the game's setting. Ruca is a meek individual who lives vicariously through the memories of his former life of Asura, a mighty Devalokian warrior beloved by all. His peaceful life as the studious son of a wealthy merchant family is disrupted by meeting Iria and awakening his power as an Avatar and is forced to escape his home city of Regnum.

    In combat Ruca takes a tank role, fighting with a gigantic two-handed sword. He is able early on to boost his own strength as well, becoming a formidable front-line fighter. He is a bit slower than other characters, though.

    In his former life, Ruca was Asura, an imposing and powerful general of the Devalokian forces. Asura was central to many of the major events that led to the destruction of the old world. As the protagonist, the story more or less focuses on Asura's actions in the past and Ruca's journey in the present.


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