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    Rude is one of the Turks. One of the most prominent villans in Final Fantasy VII.

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    Rude is a high ranked member within the Turks organization, ranking just below his partner Reno. He handles himself well in combat and is a skilled and varied fighter that takes his job very seriously. Rude is very resourceful in combat, but at times can be a little clumsy. Never seen without his long-time partner Reno on any operation performing almost any task that is required of them for the company.

    In his work he is considered very loyal to his work and to his friends always putting them before himself. Rude is rather uncomfortable when brought into a conversation about topics other than work since all he tends to know about is his job. His signature style is always carrying spare sunglasses in combat since they always seem to get broken in the process as well as his black leather gloves. Rude doesn't have a weapon of choice, just his fists but they prove to be very useful in combat.


    Rude was meant to be named "Ludo", but thanks to mistranslation he's named Rude (Ruddo can be both Rude and Ludo).

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