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    Rufus is a playable character in Capcom's Street Fighter IV.

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      Rufus is a portly fighter that uses his own unique brand of Kung Fu. He is first introduced in Street Fighter 4.


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    Rufus has declared himself to be America's greatest fighter and has a deep, though decidedly one-sided rivalry with Ken Masters. He fights to prove that he is indeed better than Ken Masters, though he frequently mistakes other fighters for his supposed rival. Rufus also has a girlfriend named Candy. 

    Gameplay and Techniques

    Rufus is surprisingly fast for his size, he uses his speed to and quick hitting attacks to pressure and overwhelm his opponents. Rufus could be compared to Yun and Yang of Street Fighter 3 fame, as he shares a similar play style to them to a degree.


    • Messiah Kick: Rufus launches himself forward with finishing with a kick attack. Strength of kick pressed determines the length Rufus travels. You can follow up with another kick button, the strength of that button press determines whether the move is a low sweep, high hit, or is an overhead. Move is performed by doing a Quarter-Circle forward motion, followed by a kick button.
    • Galactic Tornado: Rufus spins rapidly towards his foe and ends with a powerful fist strike. This move breaks focus attacks. Move is performed by doing a Quarter-Circle forward motion, followed by a punch button.
    • Snake Strike: Rufus performs a rapid flurry of punches, this move is excellent for hitting people out of the air. Move is performed by doing a "Dragon punch" Motion, Forward to down, to down-forward and a punch button.
    • Falcon Kick: (performed in air) Rufus dives towards the ground, with his foot extended. This move is very similar to one that Yun has in Street Fighter 3. Move is performed by pressing down forward and medium kick.
    • Spectacle Romance: ( super move) Rufus attacks the enemy with two punches and ending with one final extravagant blow. Move is performed by two Quarter-circle forward motions, and hitting any punch button.
    • Space Opera Symphony: (Ultra I) Rufus unleashes a barrage of attacks at his foe, ending with a massive final strike that launches them through the air. Move is performed by two Quarter-circle forward motions, and hitting all 3 punch buttons at once.
    • Big Bang Typhoon: (Ultra II) Added in Super Street Fighter IV. Rufus spins on the spot, while flailing his limbs all around him. This move has vacuum properties like his EX Galactic Tornado and will suck in opponents that are not blocking, performing a move: for example a fireball or opponents that are in the air when the Ultra is activated.

    Alternate Costumes

    Rufus' alternate costume from Street Fighter 4
     Not seen: The Pigtails
     Not seen: The Pigtails

    Rufus' alternate costumes from Super Street Fighter 4
     Rufus dressed up as a Chinese vampire.
     Rufus dressed up as a Chinese vampire.

    Rufus reminding us of his biker roots.
    Rufus reminding us of his biker roots.

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