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    Run Like Hell

    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released Sep 27, 2002

    Run Like Hell is an action adventure third-person shooter game for the PS2 and Xbox.

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    Run Like Hell is an action-adventure third person shooter game set on a space station in the distant future. After five years of development, it was released in late 2002 on the PS2, and was later ported to the Xbox in 2003.

    In Run Like Hell, the player takes control of Nick Conner, a war hero that was demoted for disobeying orders and is sent to watch over the Forsetti Station, where the game takes place.

    The game features the talents of many notable voice actors including Michael Ironside, Kate Mulgrew, and Brad Dourif.


    Run Like Hell plays similar to early Resident Evil and Silent Hill games, in that the player controls the protagonist from a fixed third person perspective, although the perspective often changes from room to room.

    The game also features a number of interactive chase sequences in which the player doesn't control the movement of Nick Connor with the thumbsticks, but must mash buttons to avoid falling derbis, jump over obstacles, ect.


    Nick Conner, the protagonist, returns to his space station after a hard days work of mining to find it overrun by a lethal, yet mysterious alien species known simply as The Race. Most of the crew members are dead, and Nick's fiance is trapped on the far side of the base. As the entire outpost is slowly degenerating into an alien hive, Nick Conner must find a way to save the remaining crew and destroy the alien forces.


    • Cutters: The most common alien, cutters are a fast and lethal subspecies of The Race. They use long, sharp blades at the end of their arms to kill their enemies. Their appearance was obviously inspired by the Alien from the Alien film series.
    • Brutes: Large, heavily muscled, and extremely dangerous, Brutes are nearly invincible and extremely strong. Instead of engaging the Brutes in direct combat, the player must either evade them, or use the space station's mining machines to trap or kill them.
    • Scouts: Scouts are fast and small, and resemble large scorpions. The scouts are encountered by the player later in the game, as they are held off during the first day of attack.
    • Scout Sprites: These nasty buggers look like small spiders, and emerge from the dead bodies of scouts. When they get close to Nick Conner and his friends, they explode. Although they are the weakest of the enemies, they often have numbers on their side and can slow the player down.
    • Amalgamators: These tall, gruesome aliens act as mechanics for The Race. They sever human appendages and attach them to other members of The Race to make them stronger, but they can also dissolve human bodies and absorb the remains into The Race's Biomass.
    • Elites: The leaders of The Race, Elites look like humans, although they don't have heads; their eyes appear to be embedded in their chest. Elites have the ability to gain the knowledge of their victims and even impersonate them in video communications by sticking the victim's head on their own body.
    • The Biomass: This organic tissue slowly grows over the space station and turns it into a habitable place for The Race.

    Extra Content


    The PS2 version of the game features an exclusive music video of the song Polyamorous by the band Breaking Benjamin.


    The Xbox version of the game includes one new level and several new alien creatures. Several optional player character skins and additional mini-games can also be downloaded using Xbox Live.


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