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    Rush 2: Extreme Racing USA

    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released Nov 10, 1998

    A console-only sequel to the over-the-top street racing game San Francisco Rush: Extreme Racing, with a variety of new tracks from throughout the United States and a new assortment of customizable vehicles.

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    The Rush series was known as the time for its big jumps. Rush 2 is no different!
    The Rush series was known as the time for its big jumps. Rush 2 is no different!

    Rush 2: Extreme Racing USA (known in-game as Rush 2) is an over-the-top street racing game developed and published by Midway Home Entertainment for the Nintendo 64 in both North America (on November 10, 1998) and Europe (on February 4, 1999).

    A console-only sequel to San Francisco Rush: Extreme Racing, Rush 2 builds on the original game's Nintendo 64 port with a variety of new circuits throughout the United States (with the only returning track being The Rock). It also features a new variety of customizable vehicles (with a new vehicle durability system) and a dedicated Stunt track (which features an open playground for performing stunt jumps and uses its own dedicated scoring system).

    The game also includes product placement for the Mountain Dew brand of soft drinks, as collecting four Mountain Dew cans hidden throughout the game unlocks a hidden branded car.




    • Half Pipe - Unlocked after winning every standard track in One Race mode.
    • Crash - Unlocked after winning Circuit mode.
    • Stunt - An open playground filled with ramps and obstacles. Rather than a traditional race, up to two human players score as many points as they can (by performing flips and other stunt jumps) within a set time limit.

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