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    Rush Mode

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    A mode featured in the recent games in the Battlefield series, where attackers must detonate charges at multiple waves of bomb sites.

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    Originally labeled Gold Rush in the original Bad Company, the mode was renamed to Rush in subsequent Bad Company 2 and Battlefield 3.

    One team are the attackers, one are the defenders. The attackers must destroy multiple waves of bomb sites. Each wave has two bomb sites, each map comprises of 2-5 waves. To advance to the next wave of bomb sites, the attacking team must destroy both bomb sites in the current wave. Bomb site positions are fixed on the map, and do not move between games. The attacking team must go to each bomb site and plant a charge. The defending team must guard each bomb site against the attacking team, and defuse a charge before they detonate. Each charge takes approximately 30 seconds before detonation.

    The attacking team is granted an amount of tickets, the defending team has unlimited tickets. Attackers win the game if they successfully detonate a charge at each bomb site in the map. The defending team wins if the attacking team runs out of tickets before a wave ends. After each wave of bomb sites are destroyed, the tickets for the attacking team are reset to the maps original value.


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