Any Interest in a New GB Unofficial Server?

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After yesterday's QL, I've been thinking about setting up a new GB Unofficial Server. I'm currently configuring and modding a server on my local machine, in preparation. The plan would be to make the server a little more friendly to folks who can't dedicate all their time to Rust or just want to play in a slightly more laid-back environment.

This would include plugins such as a limited safe period for new spawns, starter kits, faster resource gathering/crafting, etc. Just wanted to throw up a post to see how many server slots we'd need to plan for and if anyone would really be interested, at all.

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#2 Posted by TravisRex (819 posts) -

Id pick up the game if i could just play with duders and friends of duders.

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@travisrex: I sort of figured that there would be folks in your boat, after the Quick Look. Rust is an interesting but harsh game, made needlessly moreso by internet jerks. A community server would hopefully help alleviate that. Obviously, PvP and raiding are part of the game and not something I'd want removed, but I'd rather they weren't the MAIN focus of the server.

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I was talking to a few people during the QL yesterday that may be interested in a community server. We had one way back in early alpha when there were still zombies that did pretty well. I put in about 400 hours at the time, then didn't play until 1.0 last week when i put in another 40+. I'm thinking maybe throw up a server, turn decay off so it's less of a commitment for people that just want to come have some fun and not worry about keeping their cupboard stocked. Maybe stick a password on it to keep it for the community here.

Give me the deets and I'll be happy to play there. Also, I have a hookup with a dedicated server company, I could probably get a server set up if we have enough people interested. Maybe see how many people you get before the patch on Thursday, then see if it makes sense to use the host that I have available.

I'd be happy to help out any new players that want to play with us. I know the game has been in a few bundles and many people haven't dug in yet.

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@thatonedudenick: Awesome! That's pretty much what I was thinking. Looking at purchasing a 100 slot server through a host that seems pretty solid. They have a sale going right now, so even if things don't take off, I'm out less than $20 for a month of hosting. Once I get things configured and set up, I'll be sure to post the details. Any ideas as to how to keep the password in the community? Discord, maybe?

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Yeah, I'm thinking discord

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Could someone construct a pseudo-pixel art style of gerstmann's portrait in the game?

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Alright. I think I'm just going to go ahead and get this up and running, ASAP. Still working on modding and config, right now. I hope to have at least an initial version of the server and a Discord up and running before the weekend is over. I'll probably just spring for 50 slots, for the time being, unless you think otherwise. I don't see us having more than that on at once. Once everything is good, I'll post the details here, as well as in the Giant Bomb Unofficial main Discord channel. Even if it's just a few of us, maybe we can build some cool stuff.

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50 should be more than enough. More can be added later, and i'm willing to help monetarily if it takes off. Post it in the official discord as well and I'll pin it (I'm Epidemik/Epidemilk/E-Milk on the discord). Hit me up when it's ready and let me know if I can do anything to help out.

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@thatonedudenick: Cool. I'm in the GB discord and just saw you there. Which channel should I post in, once it's ready?

I currently have (optional) spawn PvP protection, increased resource gathering, opt-in dueling/TDM, and no fuel use on campfires/light sources working. Also have decay reduced to 0. Working on getting kits set up, at the moment.

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#11 Posted by RedPhoenix122 (28 posts) -

I just picked it up recently so I'd be down. Don't have a lot of free time, but I'll drop in when I can.

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#12 Posted by seanriley (59 posts) -

@redphoenix122: I'm hoping to minimize the time stress and all that. Like I mentioned above, I'm making it easier to harvest materials. I'm also removing base decay, so constant upkeep for your structures won't be necessary. Ultimately, I'd like to see a server with more social interaction, in addition to the cut-throat raiding. We'll see how things go!

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@seanriley: That sounds awesome! I'll keep an eye out for it.

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@thatonedudenick@redphoenix122 @travisrex

It took way more time and work than I expected, but the server and Discord are officially up and running! The server can be found in the "Modded" section of the in-game server browser. Just search "Giant Bomb" and you'll see it. However, joining will prompt you for a password (in the in-game chat). To get that password, you'll need to join our DISCORD SERVER and ?verify yourself in the welcome channel. Sorry for the runaround, but this is one of the only ways I could find to keep our server a bit more community-oriented.

Let me know if you have any questions, and enjoy!

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#15 Posted by RedPhoenix122 (28 posts) -

@seanriley: Thanks. I got into the Discord just fine, have to wait until later to try out Rust, but shouldn't have issues getting in.

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#16 Posted by ThatOneDudeNick (1571 posts) -

Pinned the server in the LFG channel on the unofficial GB discord.

So far everything is running smoothly. Thanks for getting this started.

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#17 Posted by Bratcher_Lev (390 posts) -

I stretched my Rust legs on a similar community server (FWIW it was the unofficial Yogscast Sips server). While there was still a little bit of RPKing, for the most part the server population was pretty chill. Being able to make a run along a road or to a monument and run into a guy and have a conversation like "hey find anything good?" instead of being shot down by everyone you come across was pretty great. Of course, it doesn't really reflect "normal" rust society, but it gives you a chance to actually get a feel for all the systems of the game instead of just constantly fighting for a semblance of safety. I've deleted Rust, but I may have to fire it back up and check out the server.

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