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Rusty Galloway is a character in L.A. Noire. He is a homicide detective in the LAPD. Galloway is Phelps' partner after Phelps' moves up to the Homicide desk. Because of his wide experience as a detective, Galloway treats Phelps with arrogance since he is new to the LAPD and Galloway resents him for his swift promotion to the homicide department.

Rusty has been divorced three times and has a daughter with one of his ex-wives. During a case players learn that Rusty's badge number is 365.

Phelps has a hard time getting along with Rusty. Rusty enjoys drinking and doesn't view police work with the same level of seriousness as Phelps does. Rusty seems to arrive at conclusions regarding cases very fast. At one point, he explains what "Rusty's Razor" is -- "you blame the guy who's bangin' her!"


  • Before Phelps, Galloway's partner was Floyd Rose.
  • Rusty's true first name is "Finbarr."

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