Ryan Davis gets a little shout-out on "Beer and Board Games"

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I didn't see anyone post this so I thought I'd share this with you guys. If you are unaware of the show "Beer and Board Games", it's pretty self-explanatory. Four guys(different guys every week) get drunk and play a few board games. The show is well-liked enough to the point where people are able to donate to their show and, in exchange, the guys on the show will do different things like toast anyone you want, name a game piece after anything or even dedicate an entire episode to you or anyone you want.

In this particular episode, a Giant Bomb fan chose to toast Ryan Davis and I thought you guys would like to see as it is cool to see Ryan still getting the praise he deserves. I'm truly sorry if this was an inappropriate thing to post and I hope that I haven't reopened any wounds that fans and staff of Giant Bomb might have felt during the passing. I just though it was a nice little shout out to Ryan.

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Saw this, like their shows, was cool to see and i added the video to the stickied Ryan Davis thread just now.

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