Game » consists of 2 releases. Released Apr 14, 1987

    An open-world action-adventure game for the Nintendo Entertainment System that features a barbarian warrior with a distinctive "diskarmor" weapon. It is distinct from the original 1986 Arcade game Rygar, which saw numerous home console ports.

    I Beat This Game (NES) - Did You?

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    #1  Edited By JJ

    Beside Mario, this is the first game I remember beating. I don't remember how long this took me but it must have been forever. This game had no save function or even passwords (like Mega Man). If you died, you were taken to the title screen where you could press start to continue playing from the beginning of whatever area you were in.
    When I beat this game I ran up from the basement with my friend into the backyard and screamed to whoever heard me - I BEAT IT I BEAT IT. I was happy. I was a little kid probably anywhere from 1st to 3rd grade.

    I was proud of my accomplishment.

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