Campaign missions

1. The Beginning

We start the game here. We must protect our Emperor from Barbarians. We also learn how to fight, command and finish opponents. In the end, we must kill Barbarian Warrior (boss) and then we'll go with emperor to secret exit.

2. S.P.Q.R.

Second mission in Ryse Son of Rome. Marius came back to home. In short cut scene he talk with his father about war. After this, we start short training. We learn some moves and combos. It is short and easy. Then Barbarians attack Marius mansion and kill his sister and mother. Furious Marius and his father kill all of them and start journey to center of city. We must exterminate dozens of enemies. We also learn how to use spears and some new Marius abilities. In the end of mission Barbarian kill Marius father and he become member of elite XIV legion.

3. Trial by fire

Romans attack Barbarians castle. Suddenly Barbarians use massive chains and destroy some Romans ships. They also attack then with catapults. Marius jumps to water and swin to beach. We start journey to Barbarians tower. We learn in this mission massive attacks which are very usefull in multi soldier battles. We must destroy barbarians tower with chains and after that attack the castle. In this mission we have occasion to command our soldiers. This is very usefull and very realistic too. After capturing the castle Marius become a new Centurion.

4. The King

Fourth mission where we must capture Barbarians King. Firstly Marius must go down the river and find secret entry to Barbarians place (wooden castle). We also meet new opponents on this road down the river. It will be fast Barbarian with two swords (must block his attack three times). After we find Barbarians place and enter it by some kind of storehouse we must let Romans in. We must destroy two catapults, and they enter wooden castle. It will be time for boss, daughter of Barbarian King. Then our legion must capture King in his cave.

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