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    The final boss of Divekick, based on Seth Killian.

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    S-Kill is the final boss of Divekick. He is a double-jump and teleport character with a ground parry. His "hands-crossed" pose is based on how Seth Killian positions his hands to play fighting games.

    • Health: 5995
    • Power: 8,388,608
    • Hometown: The Equator
    • Blood Type: Ice
    • Likes: Controlling Space, Unadulterated Madness, Balance Beams, Annual Reports, Philosophy
    • Dislikes: Untrustworthy Subordinates, the lopsided troll Jefailey

    Divekick: Addition Edition changes

    [ + ] A few instances in which S-Kill could get stuck in various situations have been fixed.

    [ = ] Replaced his teleport jumps with normal jumps.

    [ = ] In Kickfactor, his speed buff has been removed. Instead, he gets his teleport jumps back for the duration. His Kickfactor mode now lasts 40 seconds. We call this Boss Mode.

    [ - ] Moved Parry (ground special) hitbox up about 50%. It now ends at the level of his elbow in this pose.

    [ - ] Increased the recovery time by 400% on his Parry (ground special), including a new frame of animation to show he is vulnerable.

    [ - ] When using a Kickback (back jump) or air Kickback in Kickfactor, the teleport VFX is rotated 90 degrees.


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