My God...

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Why did I not see this in 2003!?

Thanks to Snide's blog  I heard about this game 2 days ago and decided to pick it up on the cheap after hearing it compared to XCOM, Jagged Alliance and Fallout Tactics. It's easily one of the most fun games I have ever played...Im looking back at all the fan stuff for this game and it seems all the sites have died completely. Even the links on the official site are dead. It's sad to see such an amazing game get so forgotten.

Does anyone else still play this? Better yet..if you like Jagged Alliance or X-COM why aren't you playing it?

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Yup, one of the greatest turn based strategy games on the PC. Except for the giant robots... those kinda suck.

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Weltal said:
"Yup, one of the greatest turn based strategy games on the PC. Except for the giant robots... those kinda suck."
I haven't gotten to them yet. :D
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Oh, it was awesome. I wasn't tooo good at it, but I played it not too long ago, when looking for games my PC would actually play. And it wasawesome.

And the giant robots suck.

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Yeah, I rather like it.  I keep meaning to play it again so I can actually finish it.

I haven't played any of the other games you mentioned yet, but I do have XCOM off Steam, and Fallout Tactics on the compilation with 1 & 2.
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where did you buy this game? i'm looking for it and can't find it anywhere except amazon (they want $50-70 for it).

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I know this is a necro, but it is the only topic about it. and I can't be arsed to create a new one :P 
I really like Silent Storm, I just wish characters weren't so bleeding unaccurate, and the AI moving time didn't take so long too. If it was more like JA2 then I'd love it even more.
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I've been playing a lot of 7.62 recently. It's a lot like JA2 except not anywhere near as good. Also, it's 3D. It's riddled with bugs, even after you grab the unofficial patch (The game seems to crash whenever my main character gets shot in the head) but the bullet physics are pretty good. The guns themselves are awesome -- ammunition and magazines are separate, too. You can cock your gun at will, which is awesome, though somewhat unnecessary with anything besides a shotgun.
I wish there was a game like it except not awful, though. Realistic ammo, guns, wounds, etc.

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#9 Posted by Stahlbrand (903 posts) -

Jeeze I would love a new game like this, I can't believe (okay, well I can) that they don't make more turn-based firefight games with destroyable terrain.

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