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    A land of nomads to the north of Bern, Sacae is home to the great plains of Elibe.

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    In the north of Elibe, sandwiched between the harsh tundra of Ilia, and the treacherous mountains of Bern, lies a vast land of plains known as Sacae. Whereas most of the other nations of Elibe developed into rigid monarchies, the people of Sacae looked at life differently, and developed their society around a tribalism model. After the hero Hartmut defeated the dragons during the Scouring, the Sacaen hero, Hanon, became leader of all the nomads and led them into a new golden age.

    Over time, parts of the great tribe broke off into their own clans, eventually leaving the Djute and Kutolah tribes as the dominant clans on the land. The clans lived a tense but relatively peaceful existence, but soon that all changed with the invasion of Bern in the year 999.



    A powerful horseman from the Sacaen plains, she joined Hartmut as one of the Eight Divine Generals. Hanon wielded the powerful Gale Bow, Murgleis into battle, and easily defeated hordes of dragons. After defeating the Dark Dragon Idenn, Hanon returned to plains of Elibe, and created the nation of Sacae. Some claim than Hanon was actually male, but she was in fact one of the two female Divine Generals of the Scouring.

    Lorca Tribe


    The chief of the Lorca Tribe, and a good friend of the people of Caelin. As a young man, Hassar traveled to Caelin where he formed a friendship with the young knight Wallace. A skilled warrior in many fields, Hassar pushed Wallace to the brink and brought out the best in him. During this time, Hassar fell in love with Lady Madelyn, the daughter of Lord Hausen. They knew that Hausen would never approve of their love, so the couple eloped to Sacae and started their family there. Over a decade later, the Taliver Bandits poisoned the water supply of the Lorca and massacred the tribe. Hassar made his daughter flee from the carnage, and was killed alongside his wife.


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    The daughter of Madelyn and Hassar, Lyndis (also known as Lyn) was born on the plains of Sacae. After he seventeenth birthday, the Taliver Bandits massacred the Lorca tribe, and Lyn was left as both an orphan and the last of the Lorca. Months later, Lyn rescued the traveling strategist Mark, and after a brief battle with bandits, they traveled together hoping to hone their skills. On their travels Lyn met two knights from Caelin who informed her of her lineage with House Caelin, and Lyn left on a new quest to unite with her grandfather. A year after their meeting, Lyn helped Eliwood on his quest to find his father, and became a major pillar of support in his fight against the Black Fang.

    Kutolah Tribe


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    The chief of the Kutolah Tribe, known as the Silver Wolf. When Bern invaded Sacae in the year 999, Dayan and the warriors of his clan tried to repel their assault with all their might. Despite their courage and gallantry, the Kutolah were no match for the combined strength of the Bern army allied with the Djute tribe. Knowing defeat was inevitable, the clan scattered apart, and Dayan made plans to rebuild to launch an attack against Bern. When General Roy and the Etrurian Alliance arrived in the Sacaen capital of Bulgar, Dayan forged an alliance with Roy, and together they defeated the Bern occupation. After the war ended, Dayan reunited the Kutolah Tribe, and created a power center in Sacae.


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    The son of Dayan, Rath one of the greatest warriors in the Kutolah Tribe. When Rath was only four years old, a village elder saw a prophecy regarding Rath ending some type of burning. Seeing this knowledge, Rath was exiled from the clan and left to fend for himself on the Sacaen plains. Years later, a cold and hardened Rath became a captain of the Araphen guard, despite his masters clear prejudice against nomads. When Rath met Lyn, he finally realized his master was not a great man, and joined her army against Lord Lundgren. After Lundgren was defeated, Rath became a mercenary who was hired by Lord Uther to defend the castle against Commander Eubans. When he was reunited with Lyn, he entered her employ, and helped her defeat Nergal. Afterwards, he returned to his tribe and raised his own daughter Sue before dying prematurely.


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    The daughter of Rath, known as the Doe of the Plains. When Bern invaded Sacae, Dayan ordered Sue to lead their people away from the army. Unfortunately for them, Sue was tricked by a traitor, and led her people right into the waiting Bern army. Sue was able flee from the Bern army, and later wound up in Lycia, under the protection of Lord Orun of Thria. When Orun's traitorous attendant Wagner murdered his lord, Sue met with Roy and joined his army. After the war was over, Sue returned to Sacae and helped her grandfather rebuild the Kutolah Tribe.


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    A member of the Kutolah Tribe, he is a warrior working for Dayan. After Sue was separated from Dayan following the Bern attack, Dayan ordered his subordinate Sin to find Sue and bring her home. Over the next few months, Sin traveled through Lycia and eventually made his way to the Western Isles. On these isles, he was hired as a mercenary by the bandit king Scott, and helped them plunder the people. When Roy and the Lycian Alliance arrived, Sue met with Sin and had him join their army as a means of helping Dayan. After the war was over, Sin helped Dayan rebuild the Kutolah Tribe, and eventually was appointed as the new chief after Dayan retired.


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    A member of the Kutolah Tribe, he travels the land to gain strength. As a young man,Guy was very poor archer and was encouraged by Dayan to become a myrmidon. Realizing that his strength was limited, Guy left his tribe and began traveling across Elibe to hone his skills. At one point, Guy was starving to death near the Lycian town of Caelin, and the Ostian spy Matthew was generous enough to give him food. Later on, Guy was hired by the Black Fang at Santaruz, and was prepared to help them fight against Lord Eliwood, however Matthew recognized him, and forced him to join Eliwood's army. After Nergal was defeated Guy became known as the Saint of Swords, and became a legend.

    Djute Tribe


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    Leader of the Djute Tribe, he conspired with Bern to wipe out his rivals. When General Roy and the Etrurian Alliance invaded Sacae, Monke enacted the Law of Sacae, requiring all tribesmen to fight against foreign invaders. Despite his calculations and plotting, Roy was able to overcome Monke, and the Djute leader was killed in battle.


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    A subordinate of Monke, he was tasked with guarding the Divine Weapon Murgleis. Angered at the Etrurians invading their lands, Thoril led the last of the Djute in a heated battle against Roy's army.


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    A member of the Djute, he used his dark magic to help his brothers repel the Etrurian Army. Suspiciously looks like his brother Thoril...


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    A member of the Djute, he used his archery to help his brothers repel the Etrurian Army. Suspiciously looks like his brother Brakul...


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    A member of the Djute, he used his dark magic to help his brothers repel the Etrurian Army. Suspiciously looks like his brother Kudoka...


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    A member of the Djute, he used his archery to help his brothers repel the Etrurian Army. Suspiciously looks like his brother Maral...


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    A member of the Djute, he used his dark magic to help his brothers repel the Etrurian Army. Suspiciously looks like his brother Kabul...

    Unknown Clans


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    A swordsman from a clan which values their treasured Wo Dao. He lost himself in the madness of the sword, and murdered his parents and brothers for control of the sword. After claiming the sword, he traveled around Elibe, slaying Kelles the Giant and other great warriors, soon he became known as the Sword Demon. When Eliwood and his army attacked the Black Fang's fortress in Bern, Karel aided them, looking to fight strong warriors. Over this trip, he became friends with Guy, and taught him advanced fencing techniques. After Nergal was defeated, Karel regained his sanity when his sister gave birth to a child. He retired into the Bern mountains, and later helped Roy fight against the Dark Dragon Idenn.


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    The younger sister of Karel, she is known as the Princess of Swords. Karla traveled across Elibe, and joined fighting tournaments in the hopes of finding and healing her deranged brother. When Eliwood and his army made preparations to head to Valor in Lycian city of Ostia, Karla met the fighter Bartre, and beautiful rivalry was started. After Nergal was defeated, Karla and Bartre were married and soon Karla gave birth to their daughter Fir. When news of this reached Karel, his lust for blood ended, and he met with Karla one last time. Soon after, Karla died of illness, leaving Bartre and Fir behind.


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    The daughter of Karla and Bartre, and she wants to be a great warrior like her parents. During the war with Bern, Fir traveled around the continent looking to train in order to become one of the greatest sword fighters across the land. In Ostia, Fir the Ilian knight Noah, and he gave her some advice in the arena. After parting ways with Noah, Fir traveled to the Western Isles, and became a mercenary working for Scott. Scott had tricked Fir into believing that he was a hero of the land, but in actual fact he wanted her to die fighting the Lycians so that he could obtain her rare Wo Dao sword. As she fought the Lycians, Noah revealed to her that Scott was the very bandit she wanted to fight, and she joined Roy's army. After the war ended, Fir continued traveling around Elibe and became the new Sword Saint.


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    A man of mixed ancestry, Rutger hates the Bern army with a passion. When the Bern army initially invaded the Sacaen capital of Bulgar, all the people were brought out and massacred by the soldiers. When it came time for Rutger to be executed, the Bern army spared him, believing him to be a Bern citizen based on his appearance. Later on, Rutger came to serve under Lord Erik of Laus in Lycia, but soon became disgusted by his masters plotting with General Nacien of Bern. Rutger took pity on the Etrurian troubadour Clarine, and helped her escape capture. At her command, he joined the Lycian Alliance under Roy when he learned that they were fighting against Bern. After the war ended, Rutger disappeared without a trace.


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    A founding member of the Black Fang, he is known as the "Soaring Hawk". A noble character, Uhai met with Brendan Reed and his sons, and found a common purpose with them. Training together, Uhai finally found a proper home, and became a loyal member of the Black Fang. After Nergal and Sonia took control of the group, Uhai was transferred to the Dread Isle, and begrudgingly fought for Nergal. When Eliwood and his party arrived, Uhai fought them honorably, but was overcome by their strategy. Later on, Uhai was reanimated as a morph by Nergal on the Dread Isle.


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    A great swordsman from Sacae, his skill earned him a place at General Brunnya's right hand. During the Bern occupation, Kel was tasked with guarding the mansion used by Advisor Roartz in Bulgar. A dutiful man, Kel fought against Roy's army, even when he realized that there was no hope of victory. Defeated, he died knowing that as a warrior he was destined to die someday.


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    A powerful swordsman from Sacae, he wants the Mani Katti for himself. When Lyn and her companions traveled past the shrine housing the sword, Glass in the process of trying to steal the sword for his own glory. Believing that even the gods feared his name, Glass tried to use the sword, but was unable to draw it from its scabbard. Angered, Glass terrorized the priest, but was killed by Lyn and her comrades.


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    Known as "Batta the Beast", Batta was bandit living on the Sacae/Bern border. After the Lorca Tribe was decimated by bandits, Batta returned to the scene in order to plunder more from the surviving members of the tribe. Batta almost got away with his rampage, but Lyn and her tactician were able to defeat him, ending his reign of terror.


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