The Grand List of Console Glitches

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I'd like to preface this with a couple points.  I love the hell out of this game.  My wife and I have had a blast playing through this on local multiplayer.  There is an incredible amount of depth in the game system and mechanics behind how the game functions.  We have played around 50 hours and are about to hit level 50, we're only about 1/2 way through the campaign and side quests and I'm already looking forward to my next playthrough using a different character.  I can easilly see myself spending 300 or more hours with this game. 

My other point is, I'm not posting this here to trash the game or anything.  I'm going to send a list to the dev team and wanted a good place to update that list while we play the game.  And, thank you to ValkyrieGoddess for starting the list. All of the following were observed while playing couch co-op on the 360.

1. Level Glitch- No matter what my partner tried to do he could not distribute his skill or attribute points. So we shut the game off and re started and his points where auto distributed.

2. Invisible Glitch- I was on my epic mount and me and my partner teleported and when we reappeared i was no where to be seen. I could see my shadow and that was all. Teleported again and it fixed itself.

3. Quest Glitch- Went to complete mine slaves and the quest circle did not move once we finished the objective. Thus we could not finish the quest properly.

4. Zoning Glitch- When one player reaches a zoning point a fade out starts, but then if the other player reaches the same point, a second fade starts, which results in two fade ins once you get to the destination.

5. Teleport Glitch- Sometimes when you teleport and have a long load time, the two players will end up in different areas.  Sometimes they are both on the minimap and can walk back to each other, sometimes neither is on the minimap.

6. Teleport Glitch- Its not uncommon to find yourself in a tree after teleporting.

7. Floor Glitch- When doing the exploding pumpkins quest on serpham island we zoned back and were standing on the ground, beneath the floor of the building.

8. Display Glitch- I went to my Overview tab and viewed my details, then my wife did the same, and her stats were my stats...

9. Mount Glitch- If mounted when approaching a transition line it is not uncommon to find yourself on the other side of the trigger after being auto-dismounted.

10. Stuck Glitch- While mounted I seem to get stuck all the time during combat, I can be standing in the middle of a flat road and be unable to move or attack or animate in any way.   Luckally dismounting solves it.

11. Blacksmith Glitch- I took the blacksmithing skill, and it does nothing whatsoever.

12. Trading Glitch- We are unable to trade on a local coop game.

13. NPC Glitch- Its not uncommon to see an NPC standing up in the top of a tree.

14. Visibility Glitch- The circle of faded leaves when walking under heavy trees is in the exact center of the screen, but the players are not necessarily right in the middle in couch coop, making it difficult to see.

15. Obstructed Camera Glitch- The layered bridges when going down to Cor'Gollossus like to obstruct the camera and do not disappear like building tops, the same can be said for the curved path under the dragon isles.

16. Spaz Glitch- The one big round building in Thylysium likes to make the camera go crazy.

17. Warding Energy Glitch- I have Warding Energy Lore with the Temple Guardian and the items that say requires warding energy lore for the extra effect are still red.

18. Missing Meter- As a Temple Guardian Caster I use the T-Energy Shroud for defense, but there is no meter to show me how much energy is left before I start taking damage to my HP.

19. Vendor Glitch- After shopping in the swap town, we did a quest and came back, all the shopkeepers were gone.

20. Animals in Trees- Seen pigs sheep and dogs in trees on more than one occasion..

21. Teleport Glitch- Sometimes when i teleport with my Seraphim character when she reappears she will be naked.

22. Stuck Glitch- The high elf seems to get stuck all the time and is unable to fight or move.

23. Loot Glitch- I was a Shadow Warrior and looted two shrunken heads, while my dryad partner had none.  She infact ran out of healing potions because it wasn't reading her loot or something.  So, we restarted and she had 20 healing potions again...

(more to come)

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Yeah, that game has problems

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Yeah number 19 sucked.... Stupid lizard men.

You forgot to mention this glitch.... Teleport Glitch- Sometimes when i teleport with my Seraphim character when she reappears she will be naked.

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It saddens me that this game has so many issues, becuase it is so god damn fun to play.
Hopefully many of the games glitches will get fixed with patches.

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Yeah number 22 seems to happen when the High Elf does her Flame wave spell.
Luckily the loot glitch seems fixed because my dryad has a TON of shrunken heads now.

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