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The Sacred Tree has offered 1,426 bananas.
The Sacred Tree has offered 1,426 bananas.
A gold crest appeared from the tree.
A gold crest appeared from the tree.

The Sacred Tree is a special place where DK must bring bananas to this place in order to earn crests in Donkey Kong: Jungle Beat. Depending on the number of bananas you earn in a level and depending on which console you play (Gamecube or Wii), the tree has a value so each time an amount is reached, a crest will appear.


HeightValue (Gamecube Version)Value (Wii Version)
The Bottom0-399 Bananas (Bronze Crest)0-199 Bananas (0 Crests)
The Middle400-799 Bananas (Silver Crest)200-499 Bananas (1 Crest)
Near the Top800-1,199 Bananas (Gold Crest)500-999 Bananas (2 Crests)
The Peak & The Sky1,200 Bananas or more (Platinum Crest)1,000 Bananas or more (All 3 Crests)

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