Sahteb Mahlni

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    Sahteb Mahlni is a spirit god in the EverQuest franchise. It is known as the Feral Spirit and represents animal instinct.

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    Sahteb Mahlni is one of the lesser known spirit gods of the pantheon.  It is said that Sahteb is the most powerful of the three known animal spirits and represents the essence of animal instinct.  Those who worship this spirit are almost all Vah Shir or Kerrans, those who believe true wisdom and power come from the understanding and control of the primal inner spirit within all creatures.  Sahteb Mahlni, the Feral Spirit, represents the balance between life and death, predator and prey, physical and spiritual.  As such, this spirit god is the embodiment of neutrality in the universe.


    In most lore, Sahteb Mahlni is depicted as an ever-changing composite creature made from all of the universe's animals.    

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