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    Saint Sword

    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released Jun 28, 1991

    A lone Titan must face the wizardly might of Gorgan and her demonic hordes in this Genesis exclusive action game.

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    Saint Sword is an action platformer exclusive to the Sega Genesis that was released by Taito; the first Genesis game of theirs that wasn't an arcade conversion. The protagonist is Macress, a member of the magical Titan race who is capable of shapeshifting into more powerful forms. The goal is to reach the end of each stage by finding a key somewhere in the level, defeating bosses and acquiring power-ups along the way, before finally confronting the antagonist Gorgan.

    Though the opening scrawl suggests a prehistoric Conan the Barbarian-style setting, many of the game's elements are taken from Greek mythology: the Titans, the villain Gorgan/Gorgon, and transformations like the centaur.


    The human kingdoms of Earth have joined forces with the magical race of Titans in order to fight back the wizard Gorgan and his allies from the "black universe". After Gorgan reappears suddenly a thousand years after his last defeat, a young Titan named Macress - gifted with the ability of metamorphosis, a power once thought lost to his kind - is the only being that can stand in his way.


    • Magic Mirror - Receive each type of transformation item.
    • Magic Bell - Halt all movement of the enemies. Unfortunately does not work on the bosses.
    • Dragon Fang - Destroys every enemy on the screen. Also does not work on bosses.
    • Magic Shield - Gain invincibility from all attacks, including boss attacks. Lasts 10-15 seconds.
    • Dragon Meat - Restores Health.
    • Time Necklace - Expands the time of transformations.
    • Lightning Sword - Throws lightning bolts from your sword.

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