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Saints of Virtue is a Christian themed first-person sprite based shooter in the style of Doom, where you battle giant floating heads that represent different Christian sins in the kingdom of your heart. The game world consist of four large non-linear levels built of strange and erratic mazes. The player's primary objective is to scour the level in search of scrolls containing bible verses. The player then use the correct scroll(s) on the level exit door(s) to unlock them, allowing the player to progress to the next level.


The player starts with a projectile weapon called “the sword of the spirit” which fires small electric sparks. As you progress through the game you collect more powerful weapons, including dual swords and even a sword rocket launcher!

Navigation can be somewhat frustrating due to limitations in the game engine. You will often encounter deadly drops, high ledges, and enemies on various elevations. Which can be very tricky since the game doesn't support mouse-look or key remapping.

Combat offers vary little variety with most enemies usually heading strait for the player while randomly firing. Each enemy's movement pattern can vary, making them harder to hit, but their slow moving projectiles can be easily dodged.


Saints of Virtue was built using ACKNEX 3 (later renamed 3D GameStudio) by Conitec. Although more user friendly then most engines of the time, the technology was outdated and inferior to most other modern engines when the game was released.


The Amphitheater of Apathy

The first level represents the tendency to be apathetic as a Christian.


  • Caves of Loneliness
  • Pits of Despair
  • Mall of Distractions
  • Gallery of Nothingness
  • Media Maze


  • Worldliness
  • Vanity

The Labyrinths of Legalism

The second level is symbolic of belief systems based on worldly works.


  • Twisty Maze
  • Trap Dungeon
  • Abstract Maze
  • Rules Maze


  • Fear
  • Self-righteousness

The New Age Nirvana

The third level is representative of the idea that we can become our own gods.


  • Love & Peace Temple
  • Mountains of Relativity
  • Shrine of Heaven
  • Earth Shrine
  • Temple of Man


  • Self-glorification
  • Arrogance

The Domain of The Heart

The last level contains the temple and throne room of your heart.


  • Swamplands of Selfishness
  • Ruins of Pride
  • Path of Perseverance
  • Temple of the Heart


  • ???

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