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    Saints Row 2

    Game » consists of 23 releases. Released Oct 14, 2008

    The clone that surpassed the original returns with the even more over-the-top sequel to Volition's popular open-world mayhem generator, Saints Row.

    darksaw's Saints Row 2 (Xbox 360) review

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    The first game in the recently announced trilogy of Saints Row proved itself as an over-the-top arcade-like alternative to Grand Theft Auto.   The sequel does not disappoint, as almost all aspects have been improved including the graphics, gameplay, activities and fun factor. The sheer number of things to do, combined with the competitive and co-operative multiplayer modes will make this game last a very long time for most ardent gamers.

    You play as anyone; almost any face could be made with the tremendous amount of customisation options that puts the first game to shame. Once you have created your individual the story continues with you waking up from the coma caused by the yacht explosion that ended the first game, with you finding that the Third Street Saints have been disbanded without you to hold them together.

    Flying vehicles are a new extension to Stillwater, there is a reasonable amount of aircraft to choose from, including missile-firing Attack Choppers, Jets, Biplanes and even a UFO.   Planes in general handle very well, although the same can’t be said for helicopters. The combat is very good for the most part, but occasionally can be held back by clipping issues and various other glitches. Driving hasn’t seen many additions other than cruise control which helps you compensate with the mediocre in-vehicle aiming and shooting controls.

    Hand to hand combat has been vastly improved, with three hits in a row unleashing a devastating combo depending on your fighting style. The number of melee weapons has been increased with you now able to wield objects from the environment such as a stop sign and fire hydrant.

    Unlockables now give you more than just a weapon and clothing with ability upgrades such as; store discounts, increased health regeneration, more melee damage and even infinite ammo for your guns. The best new feature seems to be the human shield system. When you take a person hostage you have a few options. You can wait until they have absorbed enough lead to die, execute them or throw them off the highest object you can find (or into the path of an incoming train or car if that’s your thing). The funniest new activity is Crowd Control as you protect a celebrity from waves of psychotic   fans using anything you can get your hands on. The big money, however, comes from the environmental deaths such as using an aeroplane engine, a group of lumberjacks with chainsaws, throwing fans off buildings or, even, onto a trampoline. 

    Although many glitches and freezes can sometimes hamper this game’s experience, you will always find yourself coming away from the screen with a smile on your face. Just waiting for the next time you can taser a pimp, stick him with a satchel charge then throw him into the path of a train and watch it all explode in a glorious fireball.

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