Installing to 360 = Big difference

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So I played a bit of the game off disc and did notice the framerate taking the occasional dip and things not looking as smooth. Nothing game breaking or anything. I just installed it and there is a major improvement in my eyes to the overall experience. So I suggest taking the few minutes to install the game before starting.

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I had nothing as big as what was shown on the quick look even when not installed.

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I have it installed and the framerate still dips quite a bit, especially when going fast. It also hitches up regularly when it's autosaving. It's hardly enough to ruin the experience but it is disappointing and annoying.

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I've almost wondered if Giant Bomb's been playing with a 360 that's about to take a shit -- because i had no similar issues either. And they've had issues with other games, as well, that i haven't had such severe technical issues.

The textures are a bit muddier but i've managed to keep 30fps pretty consistently.

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Take a shot every time we have a Matrix callback.

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Yeah, I installed immediately and have had frame rate issues for sure, but nothing frequent, maybe a 3 second hitch up every 30 min or so. Kinda sucks but nothing that has impacted my ability to play the game. It's a shame cause there are probably people that will just listen to the podcast and potentially skip the game when it's perfectly fine.

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Where are you in the game (no spoilers, just an hour mark)? One of the big problems with the console version (specifically the 360 version) is that later on in the game when you are powered up and doing a whole bunch of stuff at once that the game REALLY takes a hit. It's not such a big deal in the beginning because you aren't doing much, but by the time your jump and sprinting is all maxed out along with the element powers and you're taking a bunch of guys out at once and moving super fast the fps just can't handle it. I'm pretty sure Jeff mentioned this in the quick look at some point, too.

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Wait till the endgame

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Its not optimal but I've not had any issues that severely impact my enjoyment. I think they were being a little to hyperbolic about how bad the console versions were.

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