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The Next Great Sequel in The Prototype Series. 2

SRIV offers up the expected degree of customisation--and then some--to create whatver the Hell you want. Oh, Saints Row. Never has been there a series that has taken such ridiculous strides in tone this fast than the Saints Row series. Starting off as little more than something to fill the gap of a (then) next-gen Grand Theft Auto in 2006, it then slowly but surely grew into its own beast, filled with its own brand of surreal and referential humour, and an increasing focus on its 'Just do whatev...

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Subspace 0

To fully understand the context of Enter the Dominatrix we have to take a look back at the DLC’s unusual and winding path to market. EtD was originally announced on April 1st 2012 as a standalone expansion for Saint’s Row the Third, in which the Third Street Saints would be trapped within a matrix-style simulation ruled over by a ruthless BDSM fetishist know as The Dominatrix. It was soon confirmed that this was more than just an April Fool’s joke, but time wore on and develope...

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Let It Snow 0

Gather round the fireplace.I am a bit of a sucker for Christmas cheer. I’m not a fan of everything about the holiday, but the songs, the decorations, and the weather bring out a certain comfort in the season and make Christmas almost feel like a particular emotion as opposed to just a time of year. A truly great piece of media based around the holiday doesn’t just have some a few holly wreaths and elves scattered around, it evokes that seasonal warmth, and despite being about a caref...

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Saints Row 4 Review. 0

The Saints are back and this time they've brought superpowers along for the ride. This fourth installment sees it's complete transition from a poor man's Grand Theft Auto to a unique franchise of it's very own. That said, it's understandable if you took one look at Saints Row 4 and judged it as a quick cash in considering the many similarities it as with the previous game, Saints Row: The Third released in 2011. Though whilst the city of Steelport is still the city of Steelport, and there hasn't...

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Saints Row The Third and One Half. 0

Saints Row IV is coming off the insane possibly drug induced creations of saints Row III. Saints Row III was a full upgrade in the franchise, packing in tons of truly crazy fun. Some of the most ludicrous things seen in games have been seen in SR 3. SR 4 itself is a hard game to review, what is does well, it does well. What it does poorly, well it does it poorly. Thankfully what it does well is in the fun column and the fun column carries some weight around these parts, but let's not put all our...

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The next chapter of the Third Street Saints is a wild ride, with some flaws here and there. 0

GO CRAZYYou cannot go all crazy without reason. If you do, then all that insanity you have planned goes out the window is it becomes repetitive. Thankfully for Saints Row IV, the crazy antics this game has is fully within reason. After wrapping up a story line from Saints Row The Third, The leader of the Saints becomes President of the United States. As he heads to the Press Lounge to clean up a mess about something he or she said, aliens attack the White House. The alien leader Zinyak kidnaps t...

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Saints Row IV Review 1

Saints Row IV is the best unintentional Marvel/DC superhero game in the industry’s long and storied history. Freeze enemies solid, leap over skyscrapers, soar on the wings of American freedom, throw objects with the power of your mind, or, you know, harass innocent civilians. In Saints Row IV, your dreams – your power fantasies – they become reality. The virtual world of Steelport is yours to conquer, even doing the Crackdown and Prototype names more justice than their respecti...

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Out Prototyping Prototype, out Crackdowning Crackdown, but does it out Saints Row Saints Row? 0

After the out of nowhere turn that Saints Row The Third took, Volition had their work cut out for them to equal or surpass the arguably best entry in the series. Saints Row IV excels The Third for the most part, but it's not without it's problems.A few years after The Third, we find the 3rd Street Saints embarking on a mission to assassinate the disgraced leader of S.T.A.G., Cyrus Temple. Who has fled to the Middle East and is planning to launch a missile at the good ol' USA with the help of som...

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Saints Row IV 0

Saints Row The Third is one of my favorite games. They put a bunch of people in a room to come up with absurd fun and didn't tell them “no” this time. As such I have been waiting with anticipation/pain during the development saga of Saints Row IV.The game that came out of this torturous process is more than the DLC that people have been fearing but does feel like less than a full game. Most of the side missions you get from your crew are to do all the instances of the activities scattered throug...

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Saints Row IV raises the bar in ridiculous fun, but falls just short of defining it's own space in the series. 0

The Saints Row series has become the poster child for all that is pure ridiculous and deliriously fun. Saints Row IV by no means disappoints in this; managing to raise the bar even further in it's outrageousness whilst tying the whole series together. Unfortunately, it is this reliance on it's previous titles that ultimately lets it down.While the details behind it haven't been made entirely clear, Saints Row IV seemed to have started out as an elaboration on the Saints Row: The Third DLC "Enter...

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A fantastic follow-up to one of the best games of 2011 (play it on PC!) 0

Saints Row IV hyped me in a way that few games do. About two weeks before the game came out, I started going nuts waiting to play it. The next several days featured several failed game sessions as I couldn’t sate my desire for the game I most wanted to play. I didn’t end up getting much done in those two weeks for this reason. On the night of its release, I eagerly sat up until it unlocked on Steam and played for several hours before collapsing in bed. The next two days were packed with nothing ...

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Maybe the Best Open-World Superpower Game...Maybe? 0

Hey guys……GUYS……Saints Row 4 is really good.I have enjoyed the Saints Row series since SR2 (never played the first). With each iteration, Volition distances itself more and more from the dreaded “GTA-clone” descriptor and become more their own thing. In SR3, they left behind the gritty drama and embraced the ridiculous (as they say in game: more fun, less mercy killing). And in SR4, they go past ridiculous into straight up bonkers (I know I am a few years...

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Saints Row IV: If this is the future of Open World Games, I welcome our new intergalactic Saint Overlords. 0

Ever since Grand Theft Auto IV came out I have been bored with Rockstar's car jacking simulator. I found its story well told but boring and its game play sluggish and too "techdemo"-y. Saints Row 2 brought back what I loved in the series. Wacky open world fun with a large portion of insanity and humor. Saints Row The Third also brought that feeling to me as well and I enjoyed it. Saints Row IV however has blown the concept literally into outer fucking space. From the super powers to the returni...

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Commander in Chief 0

I’m not someone with a huge degree of fondness for the first two Saint’s Row games. While they had something to offer budding action game players out there, they felt more defined by the game they were trying to imitate than any original ideas they had themselves, acting as timid “me toos” to the Grand Theft Auto franchise. Then Saint’s Row the Third happened and all of a sudden the series blossomed into something altogether more inventive, ludicrous, and distinct i...

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Saints Row IV is a fantastic title that feels like the developers were never restricted from creating their own vision. 0

Crazy, insane, nutty, wacky, bizarre, ridiculous and comical are all words that probably came out of your mouth while playing the 2011 extraordinarily absurd Saints Row: The Third. Volition has done wonders to change their approach to Saints Row, which started as a GTA-like gangster game back in 2006. As each sequel released, the series began to gain confidence and grow out of its shell to become its own Identity. Saints Row: The Third was the game to bring the series into the spotlight, splashi...

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Perfect pacing and a plethora of new additions ensure that this sandbox is nothing but distilled fun. 1

Saints Row IV REVIEWBy Tyler Pederson The sandbox genre has attempted many things over the years, and this generation in particular seems to have hit a high note in really exploring it's possibilities. Grand Theft Auto let us live on the wild side while telling a well penned story, Crackdown took the opposite route, letting us run in the shoes of the super-powered police while enjoying constant distractions in the form of potential upgrades as reward for exploration. When you try to figure out ...

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Finally, a game that gives you the red pill 0

The ultimate published hacked game, Saints Row IV expands on the unabashed mayhem delivered in the Third and takes things to the next natural level: a Matrix-like simulation.The Boss, your PC from all previous Saints titles, returns as hapless President of the United States (don't worry, this is all explained in the games prologue, itself a fine parody of a very recent critical darling). From there, Zinyak and his merciless band of aliens turn Earth into Dantoine and our (super)hero is sucked in...

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