DLC and disappointment?

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So I was searching for an evaluation of which DLC was worth it after taking advantage of the latest Steam sale and having a lot of fun with the game. The general point of view seemed to be 'none of it', but the thread I found also contained the dominant view that The Third was a step down from Saints Row 2. Now obviously the Third's brand of ridiculous is basically perfectly tailored for this site's community, so I was wondering whether it's basically rave reviews from staff and users alike here are outliers, and the general reception was more negative?

Also if you think any of the DLC is worth it, I'd love to know.

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If you take advantage of the DLC while playing the game for the first time - worth it. If you've finished the game already and are looking for more Saints 3 to play - meh. The DLC missions are generally fun, but too short and easy (if you've completed the main game) and were a bit disappointing as "addons". EDIT: Just grab the season pass while it's still on sale.

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i traded it in. it was fun but not great. but now im super excited for the GOTY edition. god i hope there is one.

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The problems I had with the DLC were that they were short, weren't as well-written as the main game and that you couldn't take most of what you got from them into the rest of the game. The biggest criminal for this was the last DLC "The Trouble with Clones." It was advertised as giving your character super powers, which is true and does happen, but you only get them for half a mission and then never again, until of course the stand alone $30 expansion later this year.

For me the full season pass price for all 3 story DLCs was not worth it, however as of right now on Steam the season pass is on sale for 66% off which I do think is worth it for the content. Don't bother with any other DLC, it's just weapons, costumes, vehicles and in some cases homies which are penthouse playmates. Ugh.

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I haven't played any of it yet because I've heard a lot of negative stuff about it as well. I plan on picking them up when/if they go on sale on 360 though.

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All right. I'm not sure how much I'm interested in it if the writing's not good, though. It was really only the game's very best moments that had be laughing out loud... like the bit with the pony show getaway, and your conversation with the lieutenant when you're posing as Cyrus. Oh, and the game's ambient soundtrack uses a whole ton of Hybrid, which I love.

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Saints Row 2 wasn't an easy game for me to get into, but I eventually 'got it' and couldn't put it down, despite all the freezing and save issues.

3 exceeds 2 in-terms of characters, story and moments, but it's gameplay was actually a little lacking compared to 2, although they are mostly identical. Also no option to replay missions like SR2 had... WTF Volition.

I haven't played any of the DLC for 3. I spent some ridiculous amount of hours (somewhere over 100 last time I checked) in the main campaign and did al their was to do. By the time they rolled out the new missions, I was ready for something bigger. Hoping the recently announced thing will be that.

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I got all of the season pass DLC for free for preordering directly from THQ, and I haven't played a bit of it. I think maybe half of one mission for the first one with the cat guy gameshow thing. I'm glad I didn't spend any money on it.

The DLC pack to dress up as a wiener or get a flying broom, ugh. Seriously, THQ? The next DLC should be excavation equipment so we can dig up all the goodwill they drove into the ground with all of the other garbage.

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Trouble with clones is the only one you need to play, rest are complete shit. But that flying broom sounds good to me.

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The DLC for SR3 seemed a little light for the price they were asking for.

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I had the pass and I would say they are not worth it if you already completed the game. Save your money for Enter the Dominatrix.

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