Saints Row The Third Ringtone Download?

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#1 Posted by HolyCrapItsAdam (635 posts) -

I was wondering if anybody had a download or a link to a download of the Saints Row: The Third Ringtone that I could put on my iPhone. I really appreciate it.

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#2 Posted by Djratchet (687 posts) -
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#3 Posted by Origina1Penguin (3523 posts) -
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First one sounds like the actual one used in the game and the 2nd one sounds like the main theme. I just wish I had the whole main theme because it sucks to have it cut off all of a sudden from that 2nd link.

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#5 Posted by Origina1Penguin (3523 posts) -
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#6 Posted by Hosstile17 (819 posts) -

thanks guys!

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#7 Posted by JayDubya (203 posts) -

Brilliant. I was looking for this on Google and it end up sending me to my favourite community.

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#8 Posted by schematic (25 posts) -

Thanks for the awesome tone :D

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#9 Posted by sparks50 (381 posts) -

Anyone got the ringtone tune? Djratchets link seems to be down.

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#10 Posted by Turhaya (85 posts) -

Hey Duders! Went searching for this and Google also brought me back to my favorite gaming community! Just wanted to say thanks and give back by a little by linking to a simple edit of the menu theme I made for myself. Just lopped off a bit of the ends so it would loop better with less dead air. Probably will never play for over 2 minutes... but hey! haha

Good luck, have Batman!

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#11 Posted by Demoskinos (17325 posts) -

@Origina1Penguin: You are my hero! I've got a WP7 so this is excellent news. =D

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#12 Posted by gosukiller (2340 posts) -

I love how a google search brought me back to where I started before typing in the google search.

I think I might be caught into some sort diabolical loop.


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#13 Posted by Wiseblood (769 posts) -
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#14 Posted by Blackmoore (258 posts) -

@Wiseblood: Awesome, thanks!

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#15 Posted by Origina1Penguin (3523 posts) -

Kick ass. Replacing mine now. Gonna keep those dropbox links up anyways in case someone wants the theme.

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