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Genki Commands you to read this user-review. 7

The first ''substantial'' piece of DLC has finally arrived, offering up new activities, Homies, outfits and vehicles. The fact that everything new there is to do and see can be wrapped up under an hour is a notable downside to what is otherwise a relatively creative endeavour.GENKI MADNESS! Or more specifically, Genki Bowl VII (which is once more commentated by the reprisal of Zach and Bobby) has opened up within Steelport and the infamous ''Boss'' of the Third Street Saints gang (or whatever th...

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In Space, no one can hear you groan. 0

I'd rather have just paid for this as a poster.The second piece of ''substantial'' DLC content released for Saints Row The Third is at the very least a markedly improved stash of stuff over its predecessor, the iterative activity dump that is Genki Bowl VII, but of course that doesn't exactly stand for much. Speaking as a singular piece of content, however, Gangstas in Space is also relatively poor but unlike Genki Bowl does still manage to reimburse players with some of the reasons as to what m...

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Y'all know me, I'm a real OG - Saints Row, B**ch! 0

Alright chums, less do this.The Stilwater-based Third Street Saints gang have certainly come along away since their arrival in 2006. What was originally a fairly grounded, but still ridiculous, street-gang, out to eradicate other equally ridiculous, but still somewhat believable, street gangs have evolved into Volition's latest open-world epic bonanza of pure, thick, almost physically manifested insanity that is Saints Row The Third.After the events during Saints Row 2 and The Saints acquired al...

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Energy drinks and so forth 0

Not to get my melodrama on, but there’s a problem with seriousness. So many games try their damnedest to play the straightest of laces with material that isn’t especially well worth the investment in dignity. It’s hard to get particularly invested in a major war game where the solution to Russia’s invasion of the American heartland is to detonate a nuclear bomb in space. Or about the secret cult of Italian assassins as depicted through the genetic memory of a clueless bartender. How about that g...

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An impressive commitment to absurdity. 0

Don't let some of the juvenile humor deter you from checking out the game.Saints Row was essentially the bastard-child of an era when GTA clones ruled store shelves, being among the monstrous list of terrible to mediocre copycats of RockStar’s gift to the industry. The original idea of Saints Row was living the super-thug fantasy. With RockStar implementing far more serious tones in their games, Volition went the complete opposite direction. Saints Row: The Third finds a true identity for the fr...

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God giveth and God taketh away... again! 0

I have to admit, overall the Saints Row The Third Season Pass was a particular disappointment. While Trouble With Clones, the final piece of story DLC for Saints Row The Third, is my favourite of the three, its 30 or so minute running time and crushingly disappointing lack of rewards sour what could have been a suitable ending to the Saints Row The Third narrative.Not quite the reunion I was hoping for.Johnny Gat, the equally chaotic and cool best friend to The Boss, and his death in SRTT was on...

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What drugs can do kids. 1

Saints Row: The Third is a game where reality is thrown completely out the window and the idea of tedious things such as opening silly car doors and simple gravity are put in the burn barrel. And for the most part tossing all reality out turns out to be beneficial in the fun department.The gameplay is like that of similar sand box titles like GTA and Just Cause but holds a tighter play style. Character actions are snappy and fast not allowing for many “syrupy” car crashes and missed punches. We ...

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Saints Row: The Third Review. 0

Saints Row: The Third is dumb fun, what more can I say. It's a pleasant reminder of why you fell in love with video games in the first place, because they were fun. In an age where we often take games a tad too seriously, it's refreshing to see a developer create a world for you to simply have fun in. Yes there's a funny story nestled within, yes there's a point to all the crazy violence you create along the way, but it doesn't matter, because Saints Row: The Third only cares that you're having ...

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It's a Fun Diversion, but Not Worth Keeping 0

After playing through this game twice I can safely say I saw everything Saints Row: The Third had to offer. While SR3 isn't a bad game, per se, compared to Saints Row 2, this one was lacking. It's a great example of style over substance. There are a lot of "Holy shit!" moments in the game, but once you've experienced them there's not much else to brag about and really no incentive to go back through.Some activities were mildly entertaining ("Mayhem" & "Fraud") while others were completely an...

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Silly and childish, Saint's Row: The Third is a great Game 0

Sometimes absurdity is a welcome distraction. Saint's Row: The Third is extremely absurd. From the look of the various gangs around Steelport to the activities from the opening bank robbery to the end decision and how it's handled, this is an absurd game. Saints Row has always been absurd though. Even with the mostly straight forward first game in the series there were still crazy activities like picking up hos from abusive pimps and delivering them into the assumed friendlier arms of the Third ...

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Disappointment in Space 0

If there was one game of 2011 that embodied the spirit of pure fun, it was probably Saint’s Row: The Third. The game was stylish, ridiculous, and managed to deliver some exquisitely over-the-top experiences in an entirely self-aware manner. It’s therefore a pretty big letdown to see it become another of the great AAA games out there that has been saddled with DLC that feels tacked-on and poorly made.Jenny and Zhen.Gangstas in Space acts as an epilogue for the main game in which, as the boss of t...

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What the ****?! 1

It's a shame for all video games that come out after this masterpiece, Saints Row: The Third, because they will never reach the heights it reaches. If you open your heart to what it has to offer, it will change you in ways that no movie or song can. Video games as art? Fuck art. This is something more. No one game should have all this power....

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I Guess Every Superhero Needs His Theme Music... 0

The Saints Row franchise has been viewed as being a Grand Theft Auto clone to many people, but personally it is keeping what GTA was in the beginning being a sandbox filled with fun toys to mess around with in a living city. There is enough insanity to make the Saints Row games feel separate from Rockstar's juggernaut that started with the second game, but now pushed into another level in this third entry. Saints Row: The Third is quite simply an open-ended sandbox game done right with the most ...

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Saints Row: The Third 0

So as Grand Theft Auto continues to get more series with each iteration, Saint's Row continues to try to stay a bit crazy. In this version of the game you'll have to take on Luchadores, have the option of hitting individuals over the head with a dildo bat, and go on a game show where the main objective is to shoot as many mascots as possible. Then again if you were doing anything else, this might not be a Saint's Row game. Graphically for the most part the game looked like all the Saint's Row g...

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Absurdly fantastic 0

I did not identify with Saints Row I or II, dismissing them as shallow knock-offs of the GTA franchise. However, after watching a few clips on SR3, I decided to give it a try. The mechanics are fluid and refined. The combat is enjoyable. There are some missions that are not fantastic and perhaps go on a bit too long, but on the whole the missions are quite enjoyable. However, it's unfair to boil Saints Row 3 down to it's core components when it's the experience the game provides that allow...

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Saints Row: The Third Review 0

The crazy crime title that is Saints Row: The Third accomplishes the first priority of which I think games must have to complete first on their “checklist,” a fun time. From parachuting out of airplanes, navigating tanks through the streets, to witty and humorous punch lines and whacking assailants on the side of the head with giant dildos, Saints Row: The Third was perhaps the most fun game I’ve played in a long time!The game is practically an open world theme park for you to roam around to do...

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It’s a silly, irreverent, and over the top blend of action and violence. 0

Saints Row doesn’t just blur the line between fame and notoriety; it outright crosses it and then runs over it a few times for good measure. For those new to the series, the Saints are a criminal gang whose popularity affords them celebrity like status complete with in game photo ops, branding and lucrative merchandising opportunities. The story is light enough that newcomers won’t feel lost but provides enough call backs and references to prior games to appease fans of the two prio...

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Once More Unto The Row 0

Saints Row: The Third doesn't take itself seriously, but it does contains some serious amount of fun. Whether you're playing through missions to progress the story, running around the city messing with pedestrians, or completing one of the many activities in the game, you're bound to have a blast with this over-the-top open world game. Saints Row 2 introduced more of the crazy gameplay elements to the series, and The Third rises the bar even further with more variety and twice as many crazy mome...

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If It Ain't Broke, Don't Fix It... But Do Add More Dildos 0

This week, we’ll be reviewing Saints Row: The Third. For those of you who have never played a Saints Row game before, let me describe the experience. Thrust into a crowded and hectic metropolis, you are immediately, overwhelmingly, and very deeply troubled by your surroundings... not only by the celebrations of violence, depravity, and avarice all around you, but also by the fact that these behaviors are encouraged, and even rewarded. Eventually, though, you begin to lower your inhibitions, and ...

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We've Come A Long Way From "Just Another GTA Clone". 0

Up until about two weeks before it's release, I wasn't sure if I was going to jump into a purchase of Saints Row: The Third. I had my doubts about the game, especially being as I was quite frustrated with how a lot of Saints Row 2 was cheaply put together (the piss poor multiplayer modes, anyone?) After watching the trailer which showcased none other then a cameo from Burt Reynolds himself, I decided to take the plunge and pick this game up. However, I waited until Skyrim was completed before I ...

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New Island, New Life 0

The third instalment of the Stilwater Saints returns replete with new characters and gangs as well as a new playground, Steelport. We see the Saints resting on their laurels as champions of Stilwater and starting to become more corporate than most gangs would. After a quick kidnapping, the Saints realize they have to return to their roots and do what they do best - kick some ass.With every iteration of Saint’s Row (SR), you always have the option to customize ‘The Boss’, the protagonist for the ...

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Saint's Row 3 Y'all 0

EditVTOL Jets, Predator Missles and Dildo Bats, Oh my! (Saints Row the 3rd Review)by Kenny Rioux on Monday, January 16, 2012 at 7:34pmThe Saints are coming...As some of you may know, I listen to a podcast from a video game based website called Every Tuesday night, they release an episode for free on Itunes and for about 2 1/2 to 3 hours, I am entertained constantly by Ryan, Brad, Jeff and Vinny (and sometimes Patrick) as they talk about video games. These guys know their stuff and...

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A Fantastic Port for a Great Game 0

As a lot of the PC gaming community will probably know, the Saints Row 2 PC port was an absolute disaster. Fortunately, within my experience, this is certainly not the case with this particular title. Now that we've dealt with the elephant in the room, I can actually address the game itself.One of the immediate qualities of the game which immediately got me hooked is its sense of humour (I'm British; deal with the spelling). Yes, it's obviously crude and immature, but who the hell cares!? The wa...

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Saint's Row: The Third Review 0

So as Grand Theft Auto continues to get more series with each iteration, Saint's Row continues to try to stay a bit crazy. In this version of the game you'll have to take on Luchadores, have the option of hitting individuals over the head with a dildo bat, and go on a game show where the main objective is to shoot as many mascots as possible. Then again if you were doing anything else, this might not be a Saint's Row game.Graphically for the most part the game looked like all the Saint's Row gam...

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Saint’s Row: The Third Review By: Andrew Bohnenberger 0

Saint’s Row: The Third ReviewBy: Andrew BohnenbergerStorySaints Row: The Third is an open world action-adventure video game developed by Volition, Inc. and published by THQ. The story of Saints Row: The Third takes place in the fictional city of Steelport. The game focuses on the gang war between the Saints and a rival criminal group called the Syndicate. You play as the leader of the Third Street Saints. The plot revolves around the Saints invading Steelport in order to gain control of territor...

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Flashin' them Purps 0

Though it occupies the same open world, gang story genre as the Grand Theft Auto series, Saints Row: The Third almost shares more in common with an episode of WWE Raw than it does with Rockstar’s seminal franchise. Besides the actual wrestling moves available in combat, it is implausibly gaudy and brutally violent, but a key difference comes across quickly. It presents itself with a swagger, a smirk and a nod if you will; Saints Row knows how stupidly impossible all its missions are, especially ...

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Some Technical Flaws Don't Hurt This Experience At All 0

The first Saints Row game was seen by many as a blatant rip-off of the Grand Theft Auto series. Volition took the open-world format that was made popular by the PS2 Grand Theft Autos and created a fairly decent clone. Sure, it was heavily inspired by the series but it played well enough to satisfy gamers waiting for the next GTA game. Grand Theft Auto IV and Saints Row 2 came out in the same year and it was at this point that a difference could be seen. While Volition had chosen to carry on with...

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Also Nicolas Cage... 0

It’s rare that a sequel to such a derivative game manages to exceed the legacy of its predecessor and truly become something unique. Saints Row the Third is one of those games. What started as a relatively humble rip-off of GTA: San Andreas in Saints Row 2 has since morphed into an amazing and ridiculous power fantasy that takes the open-world genre to new extremes. Emphasis is on “extremes”.No one is putting emphasis on it like professor Genki!You play as the Boss, the same “character” from Sai...

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Lack of adjustable baseball caps aside, Saints Row 3 is awesome! 0

Saints Row 3 has dialed up the crazy from the last game.You all know about how the Saints are celebrities now and folk are asking them for autographs in the opening as they rob the bank. That's all well and good.But on the other hand it feels like they've dialed a few things back also.Now this review is honestly going to be me just ranting about the customization options mostly, because frankly I don't feel like the actual game play itself has changed dramatically from the last but for in...

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six years later and the third, more or less, holds up 0

absurdity is, for all intents and purposes, the name of the game here. going into playing saints row: the third 6, almost 7 years after its release i had a decent idea of what to expect. some genuinely funny one-liners sprinkled in and around the action. explosions and lots of them. also, dildos. when everything was said and done, that's what i got. at the end of my 15 or so hours, i was highly satisfied recording sixties sci fi action movie sequences, invading cyberspace as a laser shooting to...

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Equally as good as the second 0

I still haven't played the first game in the Saint's Row series, and I'm not quite sure I should bother, but the second and third entries in the series are certainly masterpieces. This is a game that is completely committed to providing the player with batshit insane FUN and it does it well. Almost any sensibilities of seriousness have disappeared and this is easily the silliest sandbox game ever made. I liked Yahtzee's comment that this is a game on full-on "Evil Dead" syndrome (first one was s...

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The Craziest Open World Game Yet Is Also One Of The Best 0

Saint’s Row The Third is easily the most ridiculous game I’ve played in a year that has already seen its share of mass destruction, dicktits, and Big Boners. Think about that for a second. This is a game so unrelentingly absurd, it’s sometimes difficult to tell the numerous glitches apart from conscious design decisions. But where so many other games grimace seriously through their campaigns, Saint’s Row The Third sports a shit-eating grin, laughing along with the player at the madness occurring...

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A new standard for open-world games (?) 0

Saints Row: The Third is the most fun I've had in an open-world game. That statement has no caveats and is written without a doubt in my heart. Don't get me wrong, I have massive amounts of respect for the love and care that Rockstar puts into every one of their games. I appreciate their attempts to elevate the medium in various ways, and the innovations they have brought to the industry. But Saints Row: The Third isn't trying to do any of that. Volition has sidestepped the biggest problem most ...

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All of the clunk from PS2 era open world games lie unfixed in SR. 0

The original Saints Row's downloadable demo, years and years ago, left me wondering how another run of the mill GTA3 clone could garner such praise. The industry had bombarded us with 25 to Life, True Crime, Driver, and eventually, Crackdown, and I thought that that ship had sailed. There was one last way to make people care about gangster games again, by beating GTA4 to market as the first "next-gen" game of its kind. We all know that next-gen Grand Theft Auto put the final nail in these amateu...

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A tonne of crazy absurd fun 0

Saints Row the Third is an ambitious and often very weird creature that has some truly incredible creativity behind it and will have you doing things you’ve never done in an open world gangster game or well, any game before. In terms of raw content however, it can get quite divisive and often feels like it could have been so much bigger and better.Sticking to the core story focused portions of SR3 is how best to play but being an open world title you are naturally inclined to want to explore, to...

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Hat Trick for the Saints 0

When Saints Row came out, I was still young and impressionable, and when I saw videos of the game, I thought it would be too wacky to be palatable, so I skipped it.When Saints Row 2 came out, I gave it a few months before I picked it up for my Xbox... and got hooked to it, logging some 50+ hours into my save file.As soon as I heard that Saints Row the Third was coming out, I was ecstatic and preordered that shit immediately. My money payed off.Saints Row the Third is a bit of a departure from th...

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A Lot To Do In Stillwater 0

Starting out in this game you expect it to be similar to Grand Theft Auto and thinking of drugs, prostitutes, and mostly the sporadic killing that will ensue in the many hours. However, Saints Row: The Third takes on a very different, absurd, and humorous approach to the open world crime game. You will be placed in scenes of insane action and dialogue that your parents probably won't approve of. Saints Row The Third also comes with a new perk system to make sure that you can get extreme bonuses ...

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Saints Row The Third Review 0

Saints Row The Third is the third game in the Saints Row franchise a GTA like open world crime action game series this game changed the direction of the series for a more over the top funny style of gameplay and story telling . this helped the game feel fresh and special as the focus was not a GTA rip off anymore and the saints row series finally found its own identity .the game takes place in the city of Steelport. a city based on major american cities like New York and Chicago. the game takes ...

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My Saint’s Row: The Third Review 0

When the first Saint’s Row came out, it was very clear that Volition was making a complete rip-off of Grand Theft Auto. However as Rockstar has gone to great length to make their GTA games more down to earth and more serious, Volition has gone completely the opposite way with Saint’s Row. No longer is the Saint’s Row franchise just a mirror to GTA, it has become its own thing and with each game it becomes more and more crazy and out of control.Saint’s Row: The Third has become its own identity t...

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Genkibowl VII made me a sad panda. 0

I immediately fell in love with Saints Row: The Third upon its release. Through multiple play throughs and hours of side activities the game never really felt old to me, but I had just about done everything there was to do in the game aside from wrapping up the last few challenges, so the list of things to do was a little short. I was excited for the prospect of being able to repopulate my world with the few new activities included Genkibowl VII, unfortunately the pack left me wanting. There are...

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Over the Top 0

Saint Row: The Third is at once a breath of fresh air and a return to form for the open world/sandbox genre of games. The craziness of the open world genre fizzled out after the Hot Coffee incident, but it seems to have been rekindled with SR:TT. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, while a departure from the the previous games, was never as outrageous as SR:TT. But, that outrageousness is what makes this game unique and keeps the player coming back to find out what kind of crazy shit has yet to come....

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First DLC jitters 0

Like anyone with a sense of humor and an active pulse, I loved last year's Saint's Row: The Thrid. After playing through the core game ceaselessly over two or three days after its release, I was both satisfied with the delightful absurdity of the Saint's conquest of Steelport and ravenous for more.On paper, Genkibowl VII-the first piece of single player DLC released for Saint's Row: The Third-should overload my sated craving for craziness while fulfilling that void of more Saint's Row. It does n...

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Saints Row is Back, Better and Crazier Than Ever 0

Up until now the Saints Row series has been one that’s lived in the shadow of the Grand Theft Auto franchise which it so closely resembles, providing a slightly wackier and well-made, but somewhat derivative experience. Saints Row: The Third changes all that and as the Grand Theft Auto franchise appears to be going down a more serious route, Saints Row has contrasted nicely by bringing a far more insane and far more slick game to the table than ever before.I hope you like a little absurdity in y...

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What's the Word? The Third! 0

Version:1.0 StartHTML:0000000167 EndHTML:0000004837 StartFragment:0000000457 EndFragment:0000004821Saints Row has been a surprisingly interesting game franchise to follow, even though I haven’t spent significant time playing either of the previous Saints Row games. The first game came out at a time when I wasn’t able to buy Mature games at will, and the second was far from the most enticing game to come out in the last quarter of 2008. A sign of the third game’s quality is that I made a point to...

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