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Genkibowl VII made me a sad panda.

I immediately fell in love with Saints Row: The Third upon its release. Through multiple play throughs and hours of side activities the game never really felt old to me, but I had just about done everything there was to do in the game aside from wrapping up the last few challenges, so the list of things to do was a little short. I was excited for the prospect of being able to repopulate my world with the few new activities included Genkibowl VII, unfortunately the pack left me wanting. There are four new activities Apocalypse Genki, Super Ethical PR Opportunity, Sexy Kitten Yarngasm and Sad Panda Skyblazing. Three of the "new" activities are essentially just rehashes of existing activities. Apocalypse is basically just new maps for the Genki SERC activity. PR opportunity is just an Escort mission with a little more murder thrown in and Yarngasm is a Mayhem mission meets Katamari Damacy. The only new Activity known as Skyblazing involves skydiving though hoops and landing on rooftops to chainsaw up mascots (man Genki must really hate those guys). These new activities were all entertaining for their duration, which is pretty short, 8 missions takes about one to two hours, but they left me wanting more. The SR2 DLC introduced new story elements that Genki Bowl just did not contain. I'm not saying i regret my purchase, but I am hoping that the future packs will contain more substantial content, for now this one will have to do. If you are a die hard fan or an achievement completionist you'll probably enjoy this pack, but if you are on the cusp I'd say skip it.

The Genkibowl VII pack is 7 dollars on it's own, or part of the 20 dollar season pass. $7 is a little sttep for a standalone DLC this short, but it is more appealing as part of the season pass.

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