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    Saiyan Space Pod

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    The small spaceships used by the Saiyans and some other characters such as the Ginyu Force. They are very strong; they land by crashing into the ground making a crater.

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    The Saiyan Space Pods are the small round spaceships the Saiyans use to get to different planets. Though used mainly by the Saiyans, these little intergalactic spheres are used by some other characters is the Dragon Ball Z franchise too such as the Ginyu Force. The pods are extremely tough; rather than slowly setting down while landing like most space ships they simply crash into the ground at full force making a huge crater in the ground. Though quite small, they do look quite comfortable inside, with a nice soft interior. The ship is equiped with a computer that goes where the Saiyan tells it to, it can also be called back to the Saiyan through a button push on a remote control.

    Saiyan Space Pods are white with a red window on the door.


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