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    Saki Amamiya

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    From Sin & Punishment: Successor to the Earth

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    Saki Amamiya is the protoganist of the highly sought after Nintendo 64 Import, Sin and Punishment: Successor to the Earth. Saki is a member of a group of Japanese citizens, dubbed "Relief Group", rebelling against the occupying Armed Volunteers, while both sides fight against an onslaught of mutated animals known as Ruffians. Some way into the game Saki himself is transformed into a Ruffian, and his girlfriend Airan Jo, and holy woman Achi, seek to change Saki back to human form. By the third act, Saki becomes human, but still displays ruffian like features on his body. After confronting Achi, and her plan to use Saki for her own needs, Saki learns that he and Airan need to share their hearts fully if Saki ever wishes to turn back into his real original form, due to "half of him is refusing Airan". Achi prepares to destroy the earth and replace it with a duplicate of her own, and Airan helps Saki transform into his giant ruffian form to destroy the earth mimicry. Saki is successful, and returns to earth. He and Airan decide to take on the Ruffians together, and the story is supposedly left at a cliffhanger.

    Saki's legacy has spread outside Japan with the release of the game on the Wii Virtual Console, as well as Saki's inclusion in Super Smash Bros Brawl as an Assist Trophy. When Saki is summoned, he will run around the field and slash opponents and shoot with his Cannon Sword.


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