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    Sakura Taisen (Sakura Wars) is an iconic video game franchise first launched in 1996 for the Sega Saturn that combines strategy RPG elements with dating sim style character interactions.

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    Sakura Taisen, localized as "Sakura Wars", is a hybrid game series that combines both strategy RPG gameplay with dating sim style adventure segments. Originally developed in 1996 by Sega AM7 and Red Company for the Sega Saturn, Sakura Taisen became a monolithic franchise during the late 90s and early 2000s in Japan, spawning multiple spin-offs, sequels, prequels, adaptations into anime and manga as well as live theater and themed merchandise cafes. The series was produced by Oji Hiroi, famous for creating the Tengai Makyou franchise, featured character designs by manga artist Kousuke Fujishima and was the debut title for many now-famous voice talents.


    The Sakura Taisen series includes the following six mainline titles:

    The following games are prequels and side-stories:

    Settings and Story

    Sakura Taisen's world is an alternative-historical rendition of the 1920s (or Japan's Taishou era), wherein most technology is powered by steam, from automobiles to personal computers. The games themselves center around several teams of soldiers who use steam-powered " Spirit Armor" suits to defeat invading demons. These teams are assigned to defend various major metropolitan areas (to date Tokyo, Paris and New York), and its all-girl cast (besides the male protagonist) lead double lives as famous performers, an homage to the Takarazuka Revue.

    So far three teams have starred in the series:

    The Imperial Assault Troupe

    The Imperial Assault Troupe is also known as the Imperial Opera Troupe (using Japanese wordplay), and is based under the Grand Imperial Theater in Tokyo. Its core team, the Flower Division ( "Hanagumi") pilots the Koubu Spirit Armor in combat. Its leader is Naval Ensign Ichirou Ohgami. With nine members, it is the largest and oldest group, and starred in the original Sakura Taisen game (and its PS2 remake), its sequel Sakura Taisen 2, and Sakura Taisen 4. The Imperial Assault Troupe also made a cameo appearance in Sakura Taisen 3.

    The Paris Assault Troupe

    Based in the Les Chattes Noires cabaret in Paris, the core pilots' unit is called the " Groupe Fleur de Paris" (Flowers of Paris), and pilots the Koubu-F series of Spirit Armor. They starred in Sakura Taisen 3 and Sakura Taisen 4. Their commander was Ichirou Ohgami, who was in Paris on temporary assignment. The cast (minus Ohgami) starred in the adventure-game spinoff Mysterious Paris.

    The New York Combat Revue

    The New York Combat Revue is based in the Little Lip Theater, located in Times Square, New York City. Its pilot group is called the Star Division ( "Hoshigumi"). Several of its members were reassigned from a previous, experimental Spirit Armor unit (also called the Star Division) that took part in World War I. Its commander is Shinjirou Taiga, nephew of Ichirou Ohgami. They pilot the Star-type Spirit Armor, which can also transform into fighter-jet mecha. They star in Sakura Taisen 5, the installment to be released in North America by Nippon Ichi.

    Gameplay Systems

    Core Sakura Taisen releases have combined Adventure-style gaming and romance game-like character interaction with turn-based tactical combat.


    The bulk of gameplay in a typical Sakura Taisen game is facilitated via "LIPS," which stands for "Live Interactive Picture System." LIPS, in essence, is a specialized style of dialog tree, one that inserts mini-game like elements into the typical "choose an option" interaction. At its most basic form, it is a timed dialog response. Players must choose an option before time runs out. However, letting time run out is also considered a "valid" option, one considered as "no response." Different responses appeal to different characters, adding or subtracting "trust points," which eventually determine the ending of the game. Other types of LIPS options exist, some of which were introduced in later installments. One, such as "Analog LIPS," uses the analog stick to determine the "force" of a response, like to the volume of a shout, etc. Other types of LIPS interactions resemble Quick Time Events and other types of mini-games.


    Sakura Taisen 1 and 2 featured a turn-based, isometric, grid-movement combat system similar to Final Fantasy Tactics. Later installments use "ARMS," which stands for "Active Real-time Machine System." ARMS is also turn-based, but is instead founded around action points to determine movement range and attacks. Both systems integrate the relationships with different characters to add attribute bonuses during combat, or unlock special combination attacks.


    Fans gathering in Akihabara to purchase Sakura Taisen on launch day in 1996
    Fans gathering in Akihabara to purchase Sakura Taisen on launch day in 1996

    The Sakura Taisen franchise is iconic and highly regarded in Japan. Recorded sales for the series are the highest of any Sega Saturn original title. On Famitsu's 1996 Top Ten Most-Wanted Games, Sakura Taisen was bested only by Final Fantasy VII. The series currently ranks 13th on Famitsu's 100 all-time favorite games listing and is the number one most-requested sequel according to surveys by Famitsu. In 2010, Sakura Shinguji ranked 17th place in Famitsu '​s reader poll of top 50 best video game characters. She is one of the highest ranking female characters on the list, below Amaterasu from Okami and Yuna from Final Fantasy X.

    Review Scores and Sales

    Sakura TaisenSaturn199687%359,485704,793
    Sakura Taisen 2Saturn199888%509,445600,115
    Sakura Taisen GBGame Boy200031/40132,568132,568
    Sakura Taisen 3Dreamcast2001308,707360,270
    Sakura Taisen 4Dreamcast200236/40257,386257,386
    Sakura Taisen
    Sakura Taisen V
    Episode 0
    Sakura Taisen VPS2200537/40144,668
    Sakura Taisen 1&2PSP200657,05457,054
    Dramatic Dungeon
    Sakura Taisen


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