Sakura Wars Fan Translation Released!

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The other day NoahSteam and the many other volunteers that worked on this project uploaded the first public release of the Sakura Wars English translation patch for the original Sega Saturn version of the game. Noah has been working on this project since 2018 but several other groups had been attempting to translate this game for years. There was a guy on GameFAQ that posted some work-in-progress screens for a translation of the PC version all the way back in 2012 and Iwakura Productions, perhaps the most well known attempt, had been working on hacking an English script into the Russian PC version of the game for almost just as long. Now thanks to a lot of people's help, and the donation of Iwakura Productions' semi-complete English script, Sakura Wars can finally be played in English for the first time!

I was a tester on this project and did a bit of editing on the script, as well as make the trailer featured above. I am really happy to have played even a small part in helping to bring this project to the finish line and I am super thankful for all the hard work the team put into the translation. There are still some issues with the patch that the team hopes to fix in a later update, such as lip animations not working during voiced scenes and some graphical glitches during battles, but it is otherwise completely playable and fully translated.

Find out more information, including a download link to the patch, over at the project's thread on Resetera.

Hope everyone enjoys and game!

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