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Sakura is a second year student of Eiden school. She is open-minded, energetic, and friendly. Her best friend is Rin who is her main target of her teasing. Sakura can usually be seen with Rin. Sakura attended a co-ed school during junior high so she is able to mix freely and comfortably with the transfer students.


Sakura and Rin are first seen on the first day in the school hall. The gossip involving Kazushi and the guys along with Hu-sen and Rei had already spread around the school. Sakura and Rin befriended the guys despite the rumor and defends them.

When Ran brought Kazushi to peep at her and Rin at the public bath, Sakura revealed that she was somewhat interested in Kazushi.

When Mizuki was teaching Kazushi to swim, Sakura revealed that Mizuki achieved first runner up in her junior high national swimming competition.

One day, Sakura wanted to see who had the biggest hand in the class. She compared her hand to Daigo's by touching him. Daigo was left speechless and he fell madly in love with Sakura.

After Natsume was introduced to the group, Sakura was especially fond of her. She shrugged off Natsume's rude remarks and fawned over her. During the sleepover with the girls on the first day of summer break, Sakura also approached Haruka. When confronted, Sakura insisted that she is straight, but she enjoyed being with girls too.

On Natsume's path, Sakura dressed her up in a cat costume. Natsume ran away from Sakura and she was discovered by Kazushi.

Edelweiss Eiden Fantasia

Sakura and the guys were checking out female schoolmates in the hallway. Kazushi mentioned that he wasn't attracted to Sakura. The guys also mentioned that Sakura seemed to be too interested in girls. Sakura was offended and issued a challenge to make Kazushi fall in love with her.

The next morning, Sakura went to meet Kazushi at his dorm. He managed to shake off his attraction to her. That night, Sakura requested Rin to write a love letter to Kazushi for her. The next morning, Kazushi found the letter in his shoe locker and instantly fell in love. Kazushi expressed his feelings for Sakura but she was upset and revealed that Rin wrote the letter.

Sakura's lunch
Sakura's lunch

Later in class, Ran bets that Kazushi's obstinance will win out and took bets from the rest of the class. That night, Sakura requested Rin to help her make lunch for Kazushi. The next day, Kazushi liked the lunch but managed to reject it. That night, Sakura wrote a love letter.

Sakura was paired with Kazushi in alchemy class. Sakura decided to give Kazushi the cold shoulder but Ran and Mizuki hinted to Kazushi regarding Sakura's plan. Kazushi replied with a cold shoulder as well and Sakura resorted to cutting her finger. Mei sent Kazushi and Sakura to the nurse's office. Mizuki noticed that their experiment produced something and Rin volunteered to deliver it to them.

At the nurse's office, Sakura lamented that she couldn't attract Kazushi and cried. Natsume suddenly appeared and pointed out that Sakura was using eye drops.

The next day, Haruka reported to Mizuki, Rin, and Fu-sen that there was a female molester terrorizing the female bathroom and the prime suspect was Sakura. Sakura was called to the staff room and she pleaded innocence. That night, Kazushi and Haruka waited at the female bathroom to apprehend the offender. Sakura later showed up wanting to prove her innocence.

Later, Haruka noticed a suspicious person. Kazushi chased her down and found out that it was Ran. She confessed that she wanted to blackmail Sakura in order to win her bet. Sakura swore to not grope girls again.

One day, the guys tricked Kazushi to ingest an aphrodisiac and they locked him and Sakura in a storage room. Kazushi resisted from violating Sakura and passed out from the pain. She gave him head to ease his pain but kept the event secret.

Natsume was tending to Miya's store while he was away. She was rather awkward in dealing with people so Kazushi and Sakura volunteered to help her. The visitors of the store mentioned that Kazushi and Sakura was a good couple.

Later in class, Sakura attempted a last ditch effort to seduce Kazushi but he remained stubborn. She sadly admitted defeat. That night, Sakura buried all her memories of Kazushi in the forest together with the black marble that she and Kazushi created in the alchemy experiment. For the following nights, Sakura visits the burial spot to scream and vent her frustrations. She noticed that the black marble slowly grew in size. Rin confided in Kazushi and mentioned that Sakura leaves the dorm every night.

Some time later, Sakura lost the light in her eyes. That night, Kazushi followed Sakura to the forest where he heard her screaming. The next day, cherry blossoms sprouted around school echoing Sakura's screams. Kazushi tried to confront Sakura about it but she rejected him. Rin pointed out that Kazushi loved Sakura. Kazushi then announced his love for Sakura in class.

Sakura's ending
Sakura's ending

That night, Sakura experienced conflicted emotions because she realized that Kazushi returned her feelings. She then discovered that an enormous cheery blossom tree had sprouted from the black marble and its leaves were echoing her screams.

Everyone heard the screams and went to the tree. Sakura was climbing the tree in attempt to silence it. Kazushi followed her up in order to fetch her back down but they fell into a patch of leaves. Sakura was embarrassed that the leaves were screaming her love for Kazushi and he shouted his love for Sakura.

Eventually, Kazushi and Sakura shared their feelings.

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