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One of several creatures created by the D&D universe, Salamanders are beings with a human top half and a snake-like bottom half, entirely wreathed in flame. They can range from man-sized to taller and are only found in areas with extremely hot temperatures, as they cannot survive long outside a 300 degree environment. They are able to freely manifest themselves in the Material Plane, usually from pools of lava in volcanic areas, but no-one knows why they choose to do so.

They are intended as opponents for high-level parties. As denizens of the elemental plane of fire, they have a considerable repertoire of fire-based attacks (such as the classic Fireball) and will also attack with superheated steel polearm weapons. If pushed, they can also attack by swinging their tails. Any attack that connects with the Salamander will cause some fire damage to the aggressor as, of course, will any attack from the Salamander.

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