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    One of the council races with amphibian characteristics who are very adept at research and espionage.

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    Salarians are a fast race
    Salarians are a fast race

    The Salarians were the second species to join the Citadel Council, following the Asari and preceding the Turians. Their expertise in intelligence, research, and espionage have made them very useful allies.

    One notable feature of Salarians is their very fast way of speaking, thinking, and moving. Salarians have extremely fast metabolic rates which unfortunately means they only live to around the age of 40 (in Earth years). The Salarians often believe that other races are just too slow and not as intelligent as them.


    The Salarians aren't as militarily effective as other races like the Turians, but their exceptional skill in espionage makes up for their lack of prowess in that area. The Salarians believe that a war should be won before it begins. They do this by investigating and analyzing enemy positions and plans so they can prepare accordingly. The Salarians always strike first and never give any warning of their upcoming attacks beforehand. The Special Task Group (STG) consists of several teams that work to assassinate key targets and gather intelligence.


    The Salarians are well known for their role in the Krogan Rebellions. The Krogan Rebellions is the name given to the period of time in which the Krogan race began to colonize several worlds as a result of their massive increase in population. A war broke out when they refused to let up, leading to several major battles between them and the Turians. Eventually, the Turians turned to the Salarians for assistance. A new biological weapon called the genophage was in development that, when deployed, would cause only 1 in 1,000 Krogan births to be successful. The result of this would be a severe decline in Krogan numbers. When the Salarians finished making the genophage, the Turians immediately deployed it. The Krogan race is now dangerously close to becoming extinct as a result.

    Notable Salarian Characters

    • Captain Kirrahe (Mass Effect 1) - Kirrahe is part of the Special Task Group regiment that was sent to the planet Virmire. Commander Shepard speaks with him about their plans to assault the base of Saren Arterius. It is during this mission that Kirrahe delivers his well known "Hold the line" speech to his men. Shepard must choose one of his or her squad members to go with Kirrahe during the attack. Kirrahe does not fight with Shepard but leads his men to attack the base head on while Shepard's squad slips through the back.
    • Mordin Solus (Mass Effect 2) - Mordin is an excellent scientist that is recruited by Commander Shepard to join the team trying to take down the Collectors. When he joins the team, the science lab becomes available for Shepard to upgrade weapons, armor, and the ship.

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