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    One of the main protagonist in Mother 3, Salsa is Yokuba's enslaved pet monkey.

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    Salsa's submission
    Salsa's submission
    Salsa (Sarusa In Japan) is a playable character in the third chapter of the game but also appears briefly in the second chapter with his master Fassad. Salsa is forced to work for Fassad an ally of the Pig Army who are keeping salsa's girlfriend hostage. Fassad put an electric collar around salsa's neck to keep him from escaping.

    Special Technique

    Salsa's special technique "Monkey tricks" is mostly composed of enemies status altering moves and counter-attacks.

    • Apologise:
    Apologises to an enemy to stop it in its tracks (immobilize)
    • Make Laugh:
    Perform various tricks to make a enemy stop somewhat (immobilize)
    • Dance:
    Perform different dances for various results (?)
    • Monkey Mimic:
    Counter an enemy with its own attack

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