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Having played the previous episode in this season of Sam & Max, The Penal Zone, I was both hopeful but skeptical as well.The question was how good can Telltale replicate the unique "Time Warping" from the first episode, and that it still stays fresh.Thankfully for us, the fans, they went a different route. 
The story picks up immediately after the first episode, with Sam & Max finding a pair of skeletons that look very similar to theirs.Sam quickly concludes it can't be theirs, and soon enough, that proves to be the case.Those are the last remains of their ancestors, Sameth and Maximus.Trough the rest of the episode,you control both of them instead of our regular heroes.The good thing is that the apple doesn't fall away from the maniacal, trigger-happy tree.The plot is classic Sam & Max, with independent babies (women, my bad), crazy elves from the Little North Pole ghetto,mole curses and vampires.The end is probably the best cliffhanger the series has ever had. 

The one major change to the game-play is the possibility to play the movie in the order you want.Many puzzles can only be solved only by looking something in the past, or future of the movie.Max(imus) has some new powers this time around,like the the favorite party-gag "Can o' Beans" and other.This works quite well, and the action feels fresh.The only thing preventing it from a perfect point and click adventure game are some technical issues and one irritating dialog tree bug.     
All in all,this is one episode you shouldn't miss, and is a good sign of things to come in the best series of Sam & Max so far.

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