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Great but not for Everyone

I've never seen a game with a better sense of humor than this one! It's a great point-and-click but that's just it. Anyone who doesn't have the patience for point-and-click adventures will not like this game, otherwise, this game is amazing and I recomend it to anyone interested. Great for playing something casually.

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    Sam & Max: Save the World, just released on Live Arcade, is the latest point-and-click adventure game from Telltale to show up on the Xbox Live Arcade, and is based off of Sam & Max: Season One that was released for the PC in 2006-2007. It boasts six unique episodes for only $20; and thanks to its humor, it’s well worth that price. Point-and-Click games are rarely seen on consoles, due to the natural thought of a mouse instead of using an analog stick to drag a cursor across the screen....

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    True adventure games, for a time, were all the rage and dominated the gaming landscape. The evolution went something like all text based (Infocom), to text and graphics (Sierra On-Line), to point and click (LucasArts), then they practically fell off the face of the earth when First Person Shooters blazed onto the scene. With the emergence of consoles, there have been plenty of adventure games created which use different ways to tell the story and trying to blaze new paths. These often put of an ...

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