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Sam Monroe arrived in Japan in August 2007. He was traveling with an American TV crew . He is a professor back in the United States.  He works at Matheson college. He is the newest member to the schools Anthropology department. He is planning on teaching a course in Cultural Anthropology. He is an expert in comparative religion and is widely respected by his peers. Before working at Matherson college he worked at Pine Grove Community College. 

He was married to Melissa Monroe, and they have a daughter Bella.
After the TV crew witness a strange ritual in the remote village of Hanuda in Japan, Sam is separated from the rest of the group after he falls of a small cliff.At the beginning of the events he believes it to all be a set up by the camera  crew to capture some good footage. Even after he falls of the cliff he questions the events as a hoax. After realizing what is happening, he teams up with 
Seigo Saiga and with his help attempts to escape the village.
He like the other characters of Siren: Blood Curse also have the ability to Sight Jack an enemy or a friend.


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