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    Sam "Serious" Stone

    Character » appears in 19 games

    Main Character in the Serious Sam series. He is known for his gruff voice and exceptionally cheesy one-liners. He wore a bomb logo before it was cool!

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    Sam Stone was famous in the war against Mental's forces, as he was wounded countless times, but never defeated. He was sent back in the the past to try and save the human race, but he has to fight through Mental's forces to do it.

    In Serious Sam: The First Encounter and Serious Sam: The Second Encounter, he travels through places of the old human civilizations (Ancient Egypt, Central America in the Mayan age, Mesopotamia and Medieval Poland). In Serious Sam II, he visits various other worlds than Earth and meets other alien civilizations.

    Serious Sam is voiced by John J Dick


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    • "Double the gun, double the fun"
    • "Hey, didn't I just kick your ass two rooms back?"
    • "AAAAAAAAHHHHH Yourself!"
    • "Give a man a bullet, he'll want a gun. Give a man a gun, he'll be giving away the bullets!"
    • "Man Its Cold My Nipples Are Like Pencil Erasers!"

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