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    Samara is a Justicar, a member of an ancient order of Asari biotic vigilante warriors. She is part of Commander Shepard's squad in Mass Effect 2.

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    Samara is an Asari squadmate to featured in the Mass Effect 2. Samara is a hot-blooded vigilante who is hell bent on serving justice to the various criminal scum of the Mass Effect universe. She is a Justicar, an Asari that has forsworn all worldly possessions from guns to the right of having children, to fight interstellar crime on her own terms. She has no problem in using violence to accomplish her means, however, she does not like unnecessary violence.

    Commander Shepard meets Samara on the Asari colony of Illium. She is attempting to bring a mercenary group to justice, but her harsh methods see her imprisoned for shooting a mercenary during an attempted interrogation. Shepard needs to complete her mission in order to gain her services.

    It is revealed in dialogue with Samara that she is nearly 1,000 years old, has three daughters, and like Liara T'soni she is an Asari pure-blood. Shepard can also make romantic advances towards Samara, but she rejects them. However if Shepard makes romantic advances after the suicide mission the player is granted a cut-scene in which Samara confirms she has feelings for Shepard but is unable to act on them.

    The player can, through certain dialogue, find out that Samara in her travels fought a Spectre named Nihlus. This is the same Nihlus that you encounter in the beginning mission of Mass Effect. She eventually had to let him go though as he cleverly put her in a situation where she would have had to break her code to pursue him, impressing the Justicar even as she cursed him.

    Abilities and Specializations

    • Throw
    • Pull
    • Asari Justicar
    • Reave **Unlocked when Samara is loyal**

    Ranking up Samara in the Asari Justicar skill to the last segment or rank 4, will allow the player to choose a status of Justicar for Samara to progress to.

    • Sapiens Justicar: "Samara's biotic abilities now rival those of an Asari Matriarch, further reducing the recharge time of her powers."
      • Health: 20%
      • Weapon Damage: 18%
      • Power Recharge Time: -25%
    • Caedo Justicar: "Samara's time is spent honing her lethal skills, increasing her weapon damage."
      • Health: 20%
      • Weapon Damage: 25%
      • Power Recharge Time: -18%

    Loyalty Mission: Ardat-Yakshi

    Samara will speak with Shepard and explain of a rare genetic disorder found in some pureblood Asari, which Morinth, one of her daughters, suffers from. The genetic disorder that her daughter has is lethal to humans when they interact sexually with the Asari, causing them to die by brain hemorrhage, but their death causes a surge of pleasure for the Asari, so they are driven to seek out victims to have sex with, leaving a trail of bodies in their path.

    An Asari is often seen as beautiful by most races and Morinth uses this to her advantage greatly as found when Shepard reaches Omega. Speaking with Aria is the best course of action to find anything on Omega, she will tell Shepard that Morinth's latest victim is a young human girl called Nef. This is the apartment that has always been locked near the quarantine zone area. Going there with Samara you will find Nef's mother who is deeply upset by the revelation that her daughter was homosexual. The woman goes on to say how grateful she is that somebody cares about her on Omega as most people often will not step in and ask what anyone's problem is.

    The player may investigate the home and looking in Nef's room you will find a PDA and Video Logs where Nef talks about how she met somebody who loved the same art as her, liked the music and was becoming a really good friend, her friend was an Asari named Morinth.

    The player must speak with Samara, she has a plan that you will go to the VIP area in casual clothing and try to lure Morinth to where she thinks she is safe but in fact is able to be cornered.

    Shepard notes the following about Morinth for the following part of the mission so that he may gain access to the club's VIP section and so that he may effectively discuss interests with Morinth.

    Morinth likes:

    • Elcor artist Forta,
    • the vid-film called Vaenia,
    • A drug known as Hallex, and that the
    • Password for the VIP section of Afterlife is "Jaruut".

    The player may gain access to Afterlife saying that "Jaruut sent them", inside the VIP Club, there are ways in which the player needs to do, but not all, to get the attention of Morinth:

    • By asking the bartender to give a round of drinks on the house to gain popularity
    • Confronting the two Turians and getting into a fight with them in the cutscene where Shepard will swiftly take them down with punches
    • Speaking with the human by the door and telling him to back off, though asking about Expel 10 the band, does help with Morinth's conversation.
    • Intimidating the Krogan
    • Dancing with an Asari

    Eventually Morinth will approach Shepard, remembering the information from the video logs, you can speak with her and discuss options which if the right answers are chosen, (most of them are dark and bleak sounding motives such as how people feel safest most when they're about to die for example, will have Morinth believe you). Eventually Morinth will bring you to her apartment where she will attempt to seduce you. With enough points in either side of the morality system, it is possible to resist Morinth's seduction.

    Samara will rush into the room and attack Morinth, if the player has resisted the seduction, it is possible to help Samara kill Morinth, who refuses to give up her murderous ways. On the other hand, it is also possible to inexplicably help Morinth kill Samara, whereafter Morinth will disguise herself as her mother and join your party in her place.

    Do not forget to look around the room when you arrive in Morinth's apartment as there is an assault rifle on a plaque on a wall which will give you an upgrade to the research terminal for assault rifles which can now be researched.


    Samara's face model (Rana) cosplaying for charity
    Samara's face model (Rana) cosplaying for charity
    • Justicar is a name in medieval Britain for a monarch's chief commander or a judge. Literally translating from latin as "Man of Justice" or "Judge".

    • Samara is interested in medieval Britain and was present 60 years ago when Humans discovered the presence of other intelligent life in the universe.
    • Asari live for a thousand human years and Samara's age is roughly just over middle aged for Asari, at least 2 thirds of the way through her life.
    • Samara notes that she is prepared to kill hundreds if they fit into those who defy justice according to the definition given by her code.
    • Samara's face was modeled after Rana McAnear.
    • Samara's voice is provided by Maggie Baird.

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