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Sammun-Mak was first mentioned in The Devi'ls Playhouse Episode 2: The Tomb of Sammun-Mak.  During this episode Sam and Max's grandparents, Sammus and Maximus, are going through an adventure of trying to remove the Devil's Toybox from Sammun-Mak's tomb.  As the story goes, before Sammun-Mak became a pharaoh, the Devil's Toybox fell from the heavens and landed right before Sammun-Mak.  Summun-Mak was the only being capable of using these toys for his own use.  His use of psychic abilities eventually made him a pharaoh.  At the time of Sammun-Mak's reign, he ruled largely over a moleman/ molewoman population.  Therefore, after Sammun-Mak's untimely death, the molemen took it upon themselves to guard his tomb and his Devil's Toybox. 
In Episode 3: They Stole Max's Brain!, Sam has to use Sammun-Mak's preserved brain to bring Max's lifeless body back to life.  Even though Sammun-Mak was in rabbit-form, he was still able to make use of the powers of the Devil's Toybox.  Together, Sam and Sammun-Mak were able to steal back Max's brain, however, Sammun-Mak rediscovered The Devil's Toybox and transformed reality so that he was pharaoh of the United States of America. 


  •  Sammun-Mak loves Grandpa Stinky's Corn Dogs
  • He is very fickle concerning what he does and does not like
  • Like General Skun-ka'pe, Sammun-Mak hates molemen
  • During the alternate reality in which Sammun-Mak was the pharaoh of the United States, every citizen addressed each other with the phrase " Sammun-mak is handsome, Sammun-mak is cute!    When we think of Lord Sammun-Mak, we give a big salute!"

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