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    Samwise Gamgee

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    Sam, is a fictional character in J. R. R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings. One of the nine members of the fellowship of the ring. In Peter Jackson's Lord of The Rings Trilogy Sean Astin was the actor that played Samwise Gamgee.

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    Samwise is Frodo's gardener, he inherited the gardening responsibilities from his father Hamfast Gamgee. In the Shire he and his father lived in number 3 Bagshot Row. Samwise eavesdropped on the conversation between Gandalf and Frodo regarding the One Ring and as punishment was made to watch over Frodo on their journey to Rivendell. 
    Samwise looked after Frodo while on their journey to destroy the One Ring. Samwise defeated the giant spider Shelob after he thought Frodo was killed by her but was instead temporarily paralyzed. Thinking Frodo was dead he took up the quest to destroy the One Ring until he rescued Frodo from the orcs that had  taken him to Cirith Ungol
    Samwise had a crush on another Hobbit named Rosie Cotton and after the War Of The Ring was over they eventually were married. All together they had thirteen children. Their names were Frodo, Pippin, Elanor, Rose, Hamfast, Tolman, Robin, Primrose, Ruby, Bilbo, Merry, Goldilocks, and Daisy.  
    He was elected mayor of the Shire for seven times throughout his life and after Rosie died he was permitted to sail to the undying lands because he had carried the One Ring for a short time. 
    He was also a holder of The Red Books Of Westmarch and before he sailed into the Undying lands left it with his daughter Elanor.


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