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Current roster 2019-20

8Patty MillsPG6-11808/11/1988St. Mary's10AUS
11Bryn ForbesSG6-21907/23/1993Michigan St.3USA
41Trey LylesPF6-923411/5/1995Kentucky4CAN
10DeMar DeRozanSF6-62208/7/1989USC10USA
4Derrick WhiteSG6-41906/2/1994Colorado2USA
22Rudy GayPF6-82308/17/1986UConn13USA
5Dejounte MurrayPG6-41709/19/1996Washington2USA
25Jakob PoeltlC7-123010/15/1995Utah3AUT
12LaMarcus AldridgeC6-112607/19/1985Texas13USA
1Lonnie WalkerSG6-520512/14/1998Miami (FL)1USA
18Marco BelinelliSG6-52103/25/1986 12ITA
7Chimezie MetuPF6-92253/22/1997USC1USA
14Drew EubanksPF6-92452/1/1997Oregon St.1USA
3Keldon JohnsonSF6-521110/11/1999KentuckyRUSA
15Quinndary WeatherspoonSG6-32079/10/1996Mississippi St.RUSA
19Luka ŠamanićPF6-102271/9/2000 RHRV

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